Ann Marie Alanes
Marketing Advocate

Hello! I'm excited to potentially work with you. I am an artist, content-creator, marketer and promoter. I look forward to using my skills to help you develop your brand and get more eyes on your story and your work. 

I've worked with several blockchain communities and cryptoartists since 2017. During my time in San Francisco, I was the blockchain and cryptoart event producer and teacher at Starfish Mission, and created the "Ethereum Blockchain Butter" art installation to help foster dialogue and build a bridge to learn about blockchain and cryptoart.

I currently produce "Rare Digital Bird", a YouTube series about artists, their creations and their experiences - both good and bad - using blockchain technology.

Solutions for the world of art and music, such as more ethical ways of paying artists, and having access to the story and history of creative works, are what first attracted me to blockchain and cryptoart. The strong, supportive communities in this space and the beautiful, ground-breaking work that's being produced, especially through Async, are what have kept me engaged. This is what feeds my desire to help other cryptoartists succeed.