William M. Peaster
Marketing Advocate & Freelance Writer

I’m a professional writer and editor tracking the Ethereum, DeFi, and NFT beats in recent years. I created the free weekly DeFi Arts Intelligencer newsletter back in January 2020 to help people around the crypto-economy more easily track all the happenings around NFTs and DeFi. The newsletter now has hundreds of diehard, crypto-native readers and has given me the opportunity to build relationships and support talented and passionate folks from all walks of the ecosystem. 

My background is in the arts and creative writing, so writing and storytelling about art and artists is not only second nature to me, it’s something I sincerely love to do.

I’m a huge personal fan of Async Art and its artists, and I believe in the work these stakeholders are achieving. All that said, I’m uniquely qualified to be an excellent advocate for Async Artists going forward, and it’d be an honor and a privilege to work with you to help your work shine in the public.