A New Dawn For Creators

Written by
Lisa Liang

A New Dawn For Creators

Written by
Lisa Liang

A New Dawn For Creators

Written by
Lisa Liang

There’s nothing like the current times to be heads down and building. As market cap shrinks and voices start getting quieter, it’s a good time for platforms to remind ourselves what the higher goal should be:

Actual Web3 adoption by mainstream audience

At the forefront of that initiative are our brilliant Async creators. Artists like Coldie, Studio Yorktown, and Terra Naomi not only create magic with Async Blueprints, but they also take steps to onboard new folks into the Web3 ecosystem.

In the same manner, Async team will continue to celebrate the true pioneers and empower our community with more features, better utility, and a one-stop-shop for their NFT needs. Here are a few wins for us to celebrate together as an Async community:

1) Async #NewDawn Art Contest

As we usher in this new era for artists and musicians, what does this uncharted frontier look like to you? To celebrate our brand new Async homepage and the separation of our creation platform from the marketplace, we challenge our creators to make a Blueprints collection that tells the story of what a new dawn looks like.

Coldie and John Van Hamersveld Async artwork featured in a lovely Meural.

Submit an Async visual or music Blueprint by September 9th, 11:59pm PT, and tag #AsyncNewDawn and @asyncart for a chance to win a Meural and to be featured on Async’s channels.

Our team will select our top favorites and the community will get to vote on the final winner!

Start your creation on Async here.

2) Async for All 

We’ve historically asked interested creators to submit an application form in order to create on Async. Finally, for the first time ever, we are opening up our platform to everyone!

Over the last several months our hard working devs have been scaling our infrastructure to take on more creators. From our early days when we hosted manual art auctions, to now where we talk with AAA musicians whom we listened to (and fan-girled after!), Async has grown exponentially over the last couple of months. 

Async's year by year growth

We are excited and proud to open the floodgates and welcome more artists and musicians to our Async community. Democratization and community is key to our core values and we believe in a future that has a space for everyone.

For brand new members, our team hosts weekly Twitter Spaces, weekly Discord events for real-time conversations, and have been known to drop pro-tips and alpha at any of our events so make sure to follow and tune in!

3) Breaking Down Barriers

Web3 is not an easy space to onboard. In our last platform updates Async has added credit card purchases via Wert, community events tracker, and even allowed artists to embed their own Youtube videos in their Blueprints page to tell more powerful stories:

An example of video embedded Blueprints collection page for "Element" by Kaitlyn Raitz and Jana Stýblová.

As the rising sun of Web3 mass adoption starts creeping forward, Async and its community can look forward to more innovative features, including but not limited to:

Playing & curating music from user page
Limited time windows for minting
Custom artist deploy contracts
CC0 asset libraries 
Subdomain website builder
New blockchain support

We’re very excited to see where this path will lead us. Saying “NFTs are the future” on social media is easy. Actually building the infrastructure and diving deep to address users’ pain points is what Async is all about.

Strap in. Buckle up. Join the ride along with us.

For aspiring creators, get started on Async here.

For businesses, platforms, and organizations wanting to bring Blueprints to their community, contact us.

For more from Async Art, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Join our Discord or sign up for our email newsletter to be the first to know about new art and music drops!