April Curation Week

Written by
Lauren Mae

April Curation Week

Written by
Lauren Mae

April Curation Week

Written by
Lauren Mae

April has been a month of expansion. The Async community of artists and collectors has continued to grow. We’ve welcomed some amazing new team members (!). And, behind the scenes, the platform itself has been growing as the Async team adds new tools for creators.  

That’s right, the rumors are true —  the launch of Async Music Blueprints is imminent. Finishing touches are being made then LFG.🚀 

The Async team recently made some debut IRL appearances: first at NFTLA and then NFC in Lisbon, both of which were awesome opportunities to connect with Async community members and those in the wider NFT space. 

A major highlight of the NFC conference was seeing The Guild’s “Mariupol” – an Async 1/1 – on display. It’s an impressive collab between 38 artists with all proceeds going to support children in Ukraine. The Master and some Layers are open to bids via Async

April brought about a diverse range of drops on the platform, so let’s dive right into the new and notable Async Art pieces in recent weeks. 


The onset of day and night in generative mountains 

Made entirely from programming language, “The onset of day…” is the latest 1/1 from Nik.Vct. It has two iterations, updating twice a day to reflect day and night cycles. 

1/1: The onset of day and night in the generative mountains  

Nik.Vct is also the creator Async Blueprints collection of “Generative iterations” comprising 400 unique Editions. 

“The onset of day…” is open to bids via Async Art. 

Les Plaisantes 

Part of a 1/1 series titled The Personalities, IO/ONE’s “Les Plaisantes” depicts a celebrity red carpet moment between actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson & the actress Anna Chlumsky. 

1/1: Les Plaisantes 

Chicago-based artist IO/ONE has composed a series of Async pieces inspired by their work as a press photographer.

IO/ONE describes the mundane nature of the work – “the same scenes, the same clichés, the same smiles, the same looks and the same photographers” – inspired the collection. 

The 1/1s, based on celebrity photographs – featuring Nas, Solange and Angela Simmons – are abstract depictions of glamorous moments, guided by how the artist was inspired by the model. 

The artwork is updated four times a day to reflect sunrise, day, sunset and night. 

“Les Plaisantes” and the Personalities are open to bids on Async.

Our Father in the Metaverse 

The works of late Swiss painter Mathias Rusch have been digitized into an Async generative collection called Our Father in The Metaverse. 

1/1: Our Father in the Metaverse #4 

The 13 “Our Feather” paintings, transformed into 17 generative art pieces, are available via Async thanks to Rusch’s son, Mathias Jr., also a painter and musician. 

Rusch understood himself to be “a mediator of a higher power”, according to the series description, so the artwork features “an immense abundance of Christian symbols, metaphysical allusions, concretizations, and abstractions, in unique hues and compositions”. 

Discover the artist and artwork in more depth in our guest blog post from Mathias Jr.

The Our Father in the Metaverse collection is available to collect via Async. 

Digital Distance

Layla Pizarro’s “Digital Distance” is a comment on both the NFT community and the digital realm as a whole. 

“Many of us have discovered new friends on the far side of the world: a distance many will never traverse, physically, but that is digitally just seconds away,” explains Pizarro in her description of the artwork.

Pizarro is a mixed media artist and her artwork bridges two realms: figurative realism and non-representational abstraction. As well as physical locations across the world, she has exhibited her work in metaverses Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and Oncyber. 

1/1: Digital Distance 

Take a closer look at “Digital Distance” and bid on the generative piece on Async. Both Master and Layers are open to bids. 

Proof of Concept  

A fascinating piece from Bottles, “Proof of Concept” is a dynamic piece where a square can move to 19,522 locations using only two layers: Y-Axis and X-Axis.

A further third layer controls the color of the square, which can be changed from gold to black The gold behaves like a gradient, changing brightness depending on the x position.

1/1: Proof of Concept 

Bottles created the artwork to answer the question: “Given the knowledge and tools available to me at this current time, can I move a square around an artwork without limitation on how many locations it can move to?”

The “Proof of Concept” Master and Layers are available for purchase on Async. 

Discover other generative works from Bottles


Lucky Sacred Dimension 

Comprising 333 Editions, Lucky Sacred Dimension is the latest drop from psychedelic pop fantasy artist EM!. Happiness is the central emotion depicted in the artist’s work with the purpose of evoking joy and hope. 

Edition: Lucky Sacred Dimension #14 

The Melbourne-based EM! (pronounced ‘ee-em-ai’) uses painting, photography and collage to compose their artwork. Lucky Sacred Dimension employs these techniques to depict a collage of animals, cars, UFOs, dancing figures, flying carpets and more.  

Edition: Lucky Sacred Dimension #15

Mint your Lucky Sacred Dimension on Async

Generative Planet 

Fizz Pop’s Generative Planet comprises 300 verifiably unique planets. The Async Blueprints Edition is an exploration of our ever-changing Earth and its interconnected global systems. 

Edition: Planet 19.0 #014

Fizz Pop has been specializing in Still Life & Landscape with Photoshop tools since 2001, before entering the NFT space last year. 

Planet 19.0 #009

281 “Generative Planet” Editions are still waiting to be minted and the public sale is now live on Async. 

First Words 

First Words by Horus creates a unique connection between Edition owners. First Words generates an imaginary conversation between you and another owner, complete with thoughts and emotions.

In the right corner of the artwork, there is a number that denotes the fellow owner with whom you are connected. Horus explains in the artwork’s description, “what you do with that connection is up to you”. 

Rarity is based on who owns the NFT and who you’re connected with rather than its traits. 

There are 777 Editions in the collection. Mint a “First Words” Edition via Async Art. 


Stacey mixes childhood photos of adults with drawings and handwritings of current children — playing with the sense of time and space, uniting dreams and memories, and how time plays with the two. 

“All the best things in the world were made by those who were once children. All the worst things in the world were made by those who were once children.”

There are 7770 unique variations of “childhood” but only 144 available to mint via Async (142 as of writing). Public sale began on April 22. 

Edition: Childhood #000

Nobody’s Pizza 

anonymousfuckingnobody is dropping 1000 Editions of Nobody’s Pizza. With 65536 possible combinations, who knows what you’re going to get?

There are also 5 legendary pies “for those who can’t get enough pizza” according to the artist. 

Presale begins on April 26th and public sale shortly after via Async

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