Async Appearing IRL: NFT|LA and NFC Lisbon

Written by
Lauren Mae

Async Appearing IRL: NFT|LA and NFC Lisbon

Written by
Lauren Mae

Async Appearing IRL: NFT|LA and NFC Lisbon

Written by
Lauren Mae

Two weeks, two conferences! First up on March 28th, Async Art landed at NFT|LA. The following week on April 4th, the team was in Lisbon for the Non-Fungible Conference (NFC). It was a big deal for us: two of our first IRL appearances and an amazing opportunity to connect with artists and the Async community. 

Our aim was to build awareness about Async in the wider NFT community and get to know fellow industry professionals, creators, and investors. 


The LA conference took place over the course of four days (March 28th-31st) at LA Live, the sports and entertainment district in Los Angeles. Async sponsored a booth at the show. 

NFT|LA showcased 65 exhibits, hosted 60 talks and welcomed 50 artists and over 3000 NFT frens. The massive event attracted early web3 adopters from across the crypto-sphere bringing together creators, investors, collectors and industry professionals. The place buzzed with voices sharing knowledge and ideas on how web3 innovation is set to take on the art, music, sports and entertainment industries.

The Async Art booth (#114) at NFT|LA, featuring Meural displays.

The Async booth was decked out with artwork from Async artists that gave attendees a retrospective look at important works created on the platform over the years. The artwork, displayed on Meural smart frames by our partner NetGear, included interactive layered art, autonomous art, as well as our new generative template Async Blueprints

“The frames were really useful for demonstrating the creative potential of Async’s tools, in particular, the timelapse build feature” explained Alex from Async's production team. “They helped people understand how the tools could potentially work for them.”

Async artworks displayed on Meural screens at NFT|LA.

The Async team met with a range of attendees, from beginners who were eager to learn about creating and collecting to NFT veterans and some new prospective partners. It was fantastic to see IRL some of our community members that we spend so much time talking with on Discord there too. 

All of our guests were invited to pick up some Async swag, as well as enter a special NFT|LA Meural giveaway. The lucky winner of the Meural giveaway was Giannis Sourdis. Don’t forget to keep an eye out on our Discord and Twitter for more competitions.

Async’s Alex said: “The highlight for me was meeting artists interested in using the Async platform. Once I explained how it worked and the unique tools we have available, they became really interested and excited to get started. Some artists even got new ideas on the spot!”

We had many visitors from the music industry and huge interest in our upcoming Music Blueprints launch. We are very much looking forward to bringing out this product for those folks!

Jason from Async said: “I loved listening to artists talk about their projects and then being able to demonstrate to them how Async tools would be perfect for helping them achieve their artistic aims. Creators were really excited to hear about the generative and programmable art tools we currently provide.”

To coincide with NFT LA week, Async paid tribute to the crypto OG Alotta Money, giving community members, both creators and collectors, the chance to win one of the late artist’s incredible Blueprint pieces via a Twitter giveaway. The lucky winner was a long-time supporter of our community, Erik Matson, who took home the Blueprints Edition “Thousand Headers Coterie.” 

Check out this tweet to see the outcome of our Alotta Money giveaway!

Across town, Async partnered with Mona and Superchief Gallery for a satellite exhibition in collaboration with none other than XCOPY and Coldie. The two NFT artists showcased their new Mona "Grifters" and "DecentralEyes" Spaces, and exhibited pieces from their Async Blueprints projects. Mona gallery also provided a unique VR experience for attendees of the exhibit.


Async Art’s Lisa Liang and OG NFT Coldie at the the Superchief event (NFT | LA). 

Async’s Jason said: “NFT|LA left us feeling inspired to continue bringing new tools to artists and educating them about the resources we have available at Async. We want to encourage artists and collectors to push their limits and test new ideas without feeling constricted by technology.”

NFC Lisbon

The NFC conference took place over two days (April 4th-5th) in Lisbon at the Carlos Lopes Pavillion. The event welcomed 2500+ attendees and was packed with panels, talks, workshops and experiences. The event brought together projects, platforms, artists and investors from across the web3 space. 

NFC had a huge focus on artwork, as opposed to gaming and PFP NFTs, with a lot of fine art on display. A highlight was seeing The Guild’s “Mariupol”  which was showcased as the main art installation. The Guild has a rich history of doing Async collaborative pieces with deeper stories and OG artists. The artwork’s master and layers were open to bids and 100% of the profits were being donated to a charity supporting children in Ukraine. 

Check out a video of the work via Twitter here.

NFC attracted a lot of crypto natives and it was incredible to meet IRL so many members of the Async community. “Meeting the artists really made NFC for us,” said Async CMO and co-founder Lisa. “Our Async happy hour was the perfect opportunity to connect with our artists and to feel how excited everyone was to work on their upcoming projects.”

Async’s CEO Conlan was a speaker at the conference and spoke about his NFT journey that began as a metaverse land baron in the Cryptovoxels online world. “It was such a joy to share the beginning of the Async journey with a new generation of NFT enthusiasts," said Conlan. "It’s important to recognize those who helped build this movement so their early ideals aren’t lost, especially since many of them were there in person.❤️"

You can watch 'How I began my NFT journey as a metaverse land baron' on Youtube.

Check out the original tweet here.

Async’s Lisa said: “We left the conference feeling renewed with purpose and inspiration from our fellow artists on how to build the best, most innovative platform for our creators.” 

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