Async Appearing IRL: NFT.NYC and MET AMS

Written by
Lauren Mae

Async Appearing IRL: NFT.NYC and MET AMS

Written by
Lauren Mae

Async Appearing IRL: NFT.NYC and MET AMS

Written by
Lauren Mae


A Times Square billboard display, three panel discussions, two educational talks, and a Music Blueprints brunch celebration later, the Async team wrapped up an exciting week at NFT.NYC. The NFT community’s biggest event of the year coincided with the arrival of a steep crypto and NFT market drop over the past few weeks. Despite this, positive sentiment shone through and we were reminded of the power and passion in the NFT community. 

Async billboard in Times Square 

The conference, which took place June 20th-23rd, 2022, welcomed almost 20k attendees. Everyone from VCs and entrepreneurs to artists, musicians, and those new to the NFT space came out to learn about the value of NFTs and connect with the communities and companies powering the crypto art revolution. The focus really was on uniting creators with the people and tools that can help build their artistic visions. 

Async’s satellite event at NFT.NYC 

The Async booth welcomed plenty of artists who had already used the Async Canvas, as well as those who were thrilled to discover the programmable and generative art tools we have available. We spoke with many musicians who were curious about the Music Blueprints tool and the team was able to explain how they could sign up as Async Musicians and start creating generative music projects on Async. 

Terra Naomi speaking on her collaborative “h0m3w0rk” Music Blueprint collection at the satellite event

What really brought Async’s artwork to life was the satellite event we hosted in conjunction with SearchLight and Creative X. It began with a meet-and-greet brunch with Async artists, musicians, and team members followed by a series of discussions to celebrate the launch of Music Blueprints. We kicked off a presentation from NFT music pioneer Terra Naomi on “h0m3work”, an audiovisual Blueprint launched on Async, followed by a livestream from spoken word poet David Bianchi on his genesis audiovisual Blueprint+ “Senses”. Later on, NFT artist Ting Song gave a preview of her upcoming Music Blueprint collaboration.

CMO Lisa’s talk on ‘Why dynamic, programmable NFTs are the future’

The Async team divided and conquered when it came to speaking events. Our CMO and Co-founder Lisa spoke about why dynamic, programmable NFTs are the future, while Senior Marketing Manager Shannon educated attendees about no-code generative music and joined Coldie and Sted from XCOPY’s team at Mona’s event on a panel discussing how to make living art. 

The Async team at NFT.NYC

Product Manager Achilleas joined Sheppard Mullins NFT.NYC Week panel that discussed legal issues impacting NFTs and how creators can navigate these problems. Finally, our CEO Conlan closed Async’s speaking activities with a panel discussion on what’s next for generative art NFTs. 

 ‘What’s next for generative art in NFTs?’ panel discussion with Conlan

Lisa said: “NFT.NYC provided great visibility for Async. It was the perfect occasion for reconnecting with creators who are already using the platform and developing relationships with new artists and prospective partners.”

Spotted: XCOPY’s Async Blueprints Grifters collection at NFT.NYC 
Osinachi’s Across the Face Blueprint collection displayed on Infinite Objects


Europe’s leading metaverse festival MET AMS took us to Amsterdam earlier this month to show support for up-and-coming conferences and broaden our reach to artists in a city that feels really open to art and experimentation.  

The 4-day festival, which took place June 14-17th, 2022, welcomed lots of new people to the metaverse and showcased its incredible potential. It offered a mix of workshops, panels, keynotes, immersive experiences, and installations. Async hosted a booth at the event, formed part of a panel talk, and saw some prominent Async artwork featured in the conference gallery. 

Async’s booth at MET AMS (left), conference gallery wall (right) 

It was a brilliant opportunity to connect with Async artists IRL. Our CMO Lisa said: “We found many Async artists who worked on The Guild’s collaborative pieces in attendance. We’re happy to see they’re all doing well despite the market up and downs, showing that there are real genuine artists on our platform.”

The Async team and Async artists in attendance at MET AMS

Exploring the new media museums was a particular highlight. Nxt Museum hosted a particular exhibition about self-discovery and building a virtual identity in the metaverse. The museum’s immersive installations were certainly something that could warm people to the Web3 space. 

Nxt Museum installations at MET AMS

Lisa was part of a panel discussion ‘Unbound potential: what happens when technology and creativity collide?’ alongside Merel van Helsdingen (founder of Nxt Museum), Wolfgang Bergmann (CFO of Belvedere), and Farbod Sadeghian (founder of She also joined a panel discussion with The Guild member and crypto artist Rutger Van Der Tas, where they discussed The Guild’s 38-artist collaboration on Async piece “Mariupol”. It was hosted by international NFT membership club Mhouse

Lisa speaking as part of the ‘Unbound potential…’ panel discussion

Lisa said on the event: “MET AMS celebrated the idea of community and the strength to keep building during the bear market.”

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