Async Art Gallery App - Available Now!

Async Art Gallery App - Available Now!

Async Art Gallery App - Available Now!

It’s been 4 months since Async’s launch, but even from the start we knew we wanted to make a dedicated, physical frame for Cryptoart.

Having art that hangs on your wall is one of the best ways to bring Cryptoart to a mainstream audience. Having art that can change on your wall will be completely revolutionary for the programmable art movement.

This is how we arrived at the Async Art Gallery App - completely free and available for download now on 4th gen and later Apple TVs. It utilizes one of the best displays that most folks already own: a TV screen.

We believe that the more people view a programmable art piece, the more powerful it can be (after all, Layer changing is more fun when there’s an audience).

The free app allows anyone to browse and display any Async piece in the comforts of their living room.

When you leave an artwork on the screen, you’ll get a brief notification when one of its Layers is changed in real-time. The app will give collectors the ability to interact with and enjoy their programmable art like never before.

Imagine changing a Layer in “The Tribe” and it instantly changes the same art on hundreds (or thousands) of TV screens across the world. That’s pretty powerful!

The Async Art Gallery App also offers custom framing options with 4 frame styles and 4 matboard colors to suit your mood and is customizable for each piece. A letterbox option is also available to fit artwork to the entire TV screen if framing options are disabled.

Clicking into any artwork brings up the artist, current Master owner, description, Layer count, and a QR code which leads to the art’s page on to view more details.

Don’t have an Apple TV? No sweat.

We are giving away a FREE Apple TV in celebration of the app launching. Head over to our Twitter for details on how to enter.

Looking ahead, the team will likely explore wallet integration with the Async Art Gallery App for a more streamlined collecting experience, as well as integration with other smart TVs. Our team's tireless development on the app will only pave the way towards the end goal: a dedicated art frame to hang up your favorite Cryptoart in your home.

- Async Team