Async Fundamentals: New Usability Improvements

Async Fundamentals: New Usability Improvements

Async Fundamentals: New Usability Improvements

Today we’ve introduced a series of improvements that make Async more intuitive and efficient for users. We’re excited to share these major updates and explain how they make the platform friendlier for artists and collectors.

First up, as for general UX updates, users now have a dropdown menu where they can edit their username, avatar, and email, thus making profile management easier.

We’ve also added gallery pagination to make it simpler to browse and improved zoomed-in viewing on art pages.

Additionally, art that is both collected and created is now shown on a user’s collection page.

We’ve also optimized our auction and reserve price system. Going forward, token owners can signal when their auctions will take place and whether these auctions will have end dates.

Token owners can also signal whether their tokens have a specific or hidden reserve price. It’s all geared toward giving creators as much flexibility as possible with how they want to sell their works.

We also now display the username and Async collection link of a token’s current highest bidder, and autonomous/not-for-sale Layers have been hidden from artists’ auction pages as well.

Among these new improvements, we’ve also corrected two earlier issues. We’ve fixed metadata image dimensions and file sizes and another issue where reusing the same layer multiple times without refreshing the page would cause the page to error out.

We hope these updates find you well. We’re excited to make Async as friendly as possible for our users and these polishings are just the beginning!

- Async Team