Async x SuperRare Introduces: Rare Blueprints

Async x SuperRare Introduces: Rare Blueprints

Async x SuperRare Introduces: Rare Blueprints

Back in May, it all started with a “GM” exchange between Async and SuperRare. People got hyped, wondering what all the fuss was about. Some speculated about a marriage; others took the opportunity to post Dragon Ball Z gifs.

No, a marriage was not in our stars, but a strategic partnership was. Our decision to work closer together felt like a natural progression in the cryptoart space, with Async leveraging its strength as a creation platform and SuperRare evolving into a cross-platform marketplace for premium art discovery. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the next step in the Async x SuperRare partnership: Rare Blueprints.

Here’s the lowdown on the partnership to get you up to speed, explain where we’re at, and give you a peek at what’s to come. 

What’s Happened? 

As the first step in our partnership, we collaborated to bring Osinachi’s collection “Across the Face” to both communities: primary minting on Async with secondary indexing on SuperRare. 

The collection was well received and sold out in just a few hours, despite being launched in the middle of a bear market. We saw that quality art triumphs over market speculation. In June during NFT.NYC, SuperRare displayed select Editions of “Across the Face” at their gallery in Soho.

Read up more on the first phase of the partnership here, or explore the Editions indexed and listed for sale on SuperRare here.

What Now? 

Now is the time for the next step in our partnership! We’re pleased to introduce Rare Blueprints: generative collections that live on SuperRare, powered by Async’s creation platform. 

This time around, we’re having a little fun with the community as we reveal the first set of collections. Over the next three Mondays at 9 a.m. PST, we’ll give you a hint on Twitter on which Async Blueprints collection will be indexed on SuperRare. If you follow the instructions and put your guess in the hat, you’ll have a chance to win some free SuperRare swag.


What’s unique about trading on SuperRare is they offer collector royalties on future sales. You can earn a royalty if you sell your Blueprints on SuperRare instead of another marketplace, as a reward for helping spur artists’ careers. Learn more about SuperRare’s collector royalties here

What’s Next? 

This first set of collections is one step closer to deeper inroads between our platforms. Now that we’ve got the infrastructure set up for indexing, select Async Blueprints collections will be indexed on SuperRare in the future. 

In the longer term, we envision even more seamless integration between our platforms, and will share more updates as we go along. With a shared commitment to empowering creators and giving them the right tools to create their work and get it out into the world, you can be sure this dynamic cryptoart powerhouse duo will surpass power levels of 9000 – Kamehameha! 🐉🔥

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