Blueprints: The Generative Art Canvas Template from Async Art

Blueprints: The Generative Art Canvas Template from Async Art

Blueprints: The Generative Art Canvas Template from Async Art

Async is beyond thrilled to announce our newest Canvas template: Blueprints, which allows Async creators to develop generative art projects. Think: CryptoPunks or Bored Apes. (Yep. Those generative art projects.)  

Now, as an Async artist, you have a brand new all-in-one tool to effectively build a generative project without requiring a team of coders, developers, and technologists. As the artist, the authority is in your hands. 

Because, if you know anything about us, you know we’re here for the community — and to provide equal access for all blockchain creators. (Read about our Auction Contract, available to all, for an example.) 

Further, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with three of the NFT space’s OG names to show us how Blueprints is (or, at least, can be) done: XCOPY, with the launch of Grifters; Coldie, with the launch of DecentralEyesMashup; and Alotta Money, with the launch of Thousand Headers Coterie.

Meet the Inaugural Blueprints  

Grifters by XCOPY

“I thought it’d be fun to end this year with a PFP-style collection that captures how some people see us. Battered-looking souls but there’s something human in there.” Of the Blueprints template, XCOPY explains how “working this way create[s] more variety, surprises, easter eggs.  There are endless possibilities for where you can go, creatively.” 

The OG crypto artist was inspired by “the association of crypto with scams and crime: crypto grifters. I’ve found it to be an overwhelmingly positive space, so I wanted to document the dirt slinging. Everyone will be grifters soon.” 

A sneak peek of Blueprints project “Grifters” by XCOPY 

He furthers: “Discovering crypto in itself was inspiring. Being able to ‘sign’ my work and make it collectible was the key. An unexpected side effect was the connections formed with collectors. I’m inspired by the crossover of art and crypto. It feels like the dawn of a new realm.”

Advice for artists using Blueprints in the future: “Keep it simple.” He reminds us that, for him, “art is a way to communicate on another level, another way for us to connect with each other” and reveals, of his artistic journey: “there is no roadmap.” 

DecentralEyesMashup by Coldie 


“This generative project is special because it marks the end of the DecentralEyes OG series. To honor the various faces of the series and use technology to have some fun, I'm really looking forward to seeing what results are generated. This is a celebration drop.” 

“I love how Async makes the artist think deeper. This project has so many options to play with. I love how I can determine the Edition options, but also decide the rarity of how often certain elements are seen...Each piece I create is an experiment or testing a theory. I love trying new things and pushing myself to evolve. I get really bored doing the same thing over and over.” 

A sneak peek of Blueprints project “DecentralEyesMashup” by Coldie 

In discussing the future of the NFT space, Coldie explains: “Web3 and art is going to blow away any preconceived notions of what art can be and how it can function. NFTs now are so much more evolved than when I started in 2018. To try and project what the future will be like is impossible.” 

Advice for artists using Blueprints in the future: “Take your time, think about the end product. Think about what you as an art appreciator would want to see. Challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. Impress yourself.” 

Thousand Headers Coterie by Alotta Money

“I spent my life working for companies and clients, making their shitty ideas real over and over again. I always had personal projects on the side but never as much time as I wanted for them. NFTs gave me the freedom I never had in my life, having time to work full time in my own dimension. That for sure unlocked another level of creativity, the greatest one I ever knew.”

“I started creating header artworks on Twitter in 2017 and when I heard about Async’s new technology, I was too obviously thinking of a ‘profile picture project’ and wanted to find something a little different. That’s when I thought about going back to this panoramic format I love and I started creating many elements that would mix together in 1000 unique headers.” 

Enter Async Blueprints. 

“Now artists have a dream tool to create entirely their own projects, to connect them, to explore by themselves. So that’s what is exciting, there’s so much that can be invented out of this!”

A sneak peek of Blueprints project “Thousand Headers Coterie” by Alotta Money 

Advice for artists using Blueprints in the future: “We’re not early, we’re pre-historical, try things! You might become the first ever doing this!” 

The artist is optimistic, and for good reason. “The future is bright. I think more and more people will start collecting art, it’s now accessible to anyone with a phone, it’s addictive and if you collect things you love, it’s rewarding regardless of any financial point of view. Art connects humans at a level that you need to experience to understand and people will realize this with NFTs.”

Presale and Public Sale: The Breakdown  


Each artist’s project will be made available for presale on Monday, December 13, at 12pm PST, through Wednesday, December 15. Presale ends at 11am PST on 12/15. 

Public Sale

XCOPY’s public sale will be made available at 12pm PST on Wednesday, December 15; Coldie’s at 9am PST on Thursday, December 16; and Alotta Money’s at 9am PST on Friday, December 17. 

Official Links

Collect a Blueprints Edition here via Async Art. Collect a Blueprints Edition on the secondary market here via OpenSea.

NOTE: Do NOT click on any links, especially via Discord or Twitter DMs, that are not these official links above (or through our Linktree). Additionally, do not try and search for Async Blueprints on OpenSea, as there are many fake accounts already operating scams and fraudulent operations.

Additional Need-to-Knows 


Something to note: We care about our Async community, and continually seek ways to reward our platform’s users. As a perk, we gave away a FREE XCOPY Blueprints Edition to a member of our Discord (just for being part!) and another to an existing collector (just to say “thanks”). 

Our team has plans to do much more of this, especially as we launch exciting new projects. If you’re not already, become a member of our Discord now for exclusive access and insights. 

Plus, sign up for our mailing list. We’ll share only the most exciting announcements, including information on giveaways like this one. 

Legendary Editions

Along with an all-new template, we’re also excited to share that video support is now enabled on Async for Legendary Editions. These are especially unique editions generated by Blueprints. (Looks rare.)

Types and Layer States 

Blueprints accommodates up to 30 “types” (when creating yours, you’ll want to adjust the rarity if one type is more unique, then update the other types so all type percentages equal 100%) and up to 80 Layer States. That’s a lot of Editions. 


Is this new template just for creating PFPs? 

No! Async Blueprints for profile projects is just the beginning. We’ve created the template; now, it’s up to you to use it however you like. You’re the artist and the innovator...and the journey doesn’t end here (hint: interoperable world-making anyone?!).

When will Async Blueprints be available to all users? 

We’re excited to share that Blueprints will be available for artists starting December 15th and publishing will be open as of January 1, 2022.

Is Async Blueprints available for music projects? 

At launch, no. But in the next few months? Yes. We’ll keep you posted. Join our Discord or sign up for our email newsletter to be the first to know.

Can I collaborate with a friend on Blueprints? 

Yes! We’ve integrated our collaborations feature. So you and all your friends can get your bread. 

Can you tell me more about the provable randomness and how it works? 

We’re so glad you asked. Check out this blog post from Async Art Founder Conlan for a technical, in-depth look into this new template.

What does this mean for the future?

Without giving too much away...stay tuned, as we release more information regarding future interoperability of Async Blueprints.