Coldie x John Van Hamersveld for Bonhams

Coldie x John Van Hamersveld for Bonhams

Coldie x John Van Hamersveld for Bonhams

In another exciting project powered by Async Art, renowned artists Coldie — a “First Supper” collaborator and crypto OG — and John Van Hamersveld — creator of the iconic Endless Summer imagery, album covers for The Beach Boys, Kiss, The Rolling Stones, and more — team up for new work: “The Unfolding Dream.” The piece will be auctioned off via Bonhams from Wednesday, November 24 through Wednesday, December 1. 

Of the creative and collaborative process, Coldie tells Bonhams: “We did a lot of digging into our personal travel photography archives as well as bringing together illustrations and graphics that were important to us both. 

I was the lead architect to put all of the pieces into a visually coherent format that would allow for all layers and to be viewed properly when chosen by the layer owner. There was a lot of pre-planning to make sure elements would not overlap in an unappealing manner. At the end of the process, we are both very proud of the collaboration and honored to share our unfolding dream with the world.”

The Unfolding Dream” by Coldie and John Van Hamersveld

Coldie continues in explanation of the new release: “This composition explores the shared life experiences of both artists as they come together in a highly customizable, living art format. This artwork was created in real-time for the Bonhams auction in November 2021. Elements of this project were captured days prior to minting the artwork including New York City landscapes captured by [me] while traveling for NFT.NYC 2021. We believe that experiences can be from long ago as well as a day ago and they hold the same historical significance. The visual vernacular of John Van Hamersveld shares both a realistic and surrealistic vision of what is possible in the real world, as well as the dream world.

The artwork created is meant to bring the viewer and collector inside of our shared reality and allow for the story to be visually told through the collector who owns each layer. The variety of options give the opportunity for the layer owner to express their current feelings about the artwork and share in real-time with how it affects the total artwork.” 

The two artists have previously collaborated on Async Art piece, “The New Crest Wave,” which “consists of clean, playful shapes made with sharpie markers, and digitized into complementary colors to form 5 distinct Layers each with 4 different colors.”

“I met John because I was doing a charity cat-themed art show in a virtual art gallery (now known as "the metaverse"). He had done some really beautiful murals throughout Los Angeles involving cat illustrations. Our mutual friend Shelley Leopold connected us for the show. From there, we began a friendship that has evolved into a collaborative relationship where we created art together. [“The Unfolding Dream”] is the first fully collaborative piece that began in the concept phase and seen through together.”

“The New Crest Wave” via Async Art

“It’s exciting to create a dynamic NFT on Async Art because we are creating living artworks that will never be the same once the layers are owned and changes are made. This technology is revolutionary to the art-making process as we get to think about many different options instead of a single static image,” says Coldie.

Their first collaborative piece initially sold to collector TokenAngels for 6 ETH in the late spring, worth approximately 12,000 USD at the time. Read more about the work here. 

View their Bonhams piece, “The Unfolding Dream” here via Async. Place your bid via Bonhams between November 24 and December 1. 

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