Forever Supper Begins

Written by
Lisa Liang

Forever Supper Begins

Written by
Lisa Liang

Forever Supper Begins

Written by
Lisa Liang

Even as early as the stone age humans thought of ways to immortalize ourselves. From cave paintings, to ancient Egypt, the act of preserving our likeness, or something that represents “me” has been resonating with all of us.

One of the oldest cave paintings found in Argentina, dating back 64,000 years ago.

It’s no surprise that the Web3 community, a decentralized, global audience with different backgrounds, affiliations, looks, size, gender would immediately latch onto PFPs. It presented us a communal element we as social human beings all inherently strive for and especially when we enter the digital age together, it is more and more important that we construct and present our digital identity too.

Async started in February 2020 with the original intent to change art history. We saw NFTs and blockchain technology as the exciting frontier where digital art can react, evolve and become part of its owner. In December 2021, we got closer to achieving our original mission when we saw how PFPs brought bigger communities together and released Blueprints with some of our OG artists to level the playing field for creating generative art and music for the masses.

Grifters, one of our most recognizable Blueprints from XCOPY, spurred a whole movement of community building via PFPs.

However, with the next iteration of Async, we wanted to ensure we honoured the original mission of dynamic creation. Our thesis for the future of Web3 economy continues to evolve as the space grows, and this is where the team at Async sees it going:

The current creator economy in web2 (Twitch, Youtube, Patreon) has one creator/brand/IP feed content and goods to an anonymous group of people. E.g. we all watch Game of Thrones. But would George R. R. Martin recognize the online, super die hard fan who cosplayed as a man of the Night’s Watch, read all his books, and rewatched House of Dragons eight times?

It also takes a whole entire team to build an IP, then they’ll have to constantly create fresh content to engage their audience, and IP needs to be maintained or else a new kid on the block will take market share.

In the new model, one that we see web3 heading towards and what Async is uniquely positioned for, the creator’s economy can be self-sustaining by its own community. With the use of visual NFTs, or the types of NFTs collected in a user’s wallet, the individual now has flavor and context within the larger audience.

But what if we can take a step further? What if the fan can make derivatives of the content, feed it back to the original creator/IP/brand and help sustain the whole ecosystem?

The face says it all: "he still knows nothing."

Going back to the Game of Thrones analogy, this super fan took photos of his cosplay, sold it online to other fans who enjoy it, and George R. Martin saw a small royalty cut of those sales appear in his wallet. He will now pay more attention to super fans who make high quality content off of his IP, and highlight them when he can as there is now an incentive to.

This is exactly what we will achieve with Dynamic Blueprints. Not only is a user changing and getting to show off their team colors in a Core every time a new Expansion comes out, but an every day fan can submit assets for the original creator to approve and make another Expansion off of. Both fan and creator will get royalties from that content.

Our team is passionate about not just creating fun, interactive NFTs, but we wanted to build a Web3 future that is sustainable, inclusive, and accessible to as many people as possible.

Dynamic Blueprints will solve a lot of the existing problems the space has: inflationary supply, meaningless drops, community engagement. It is a showcase of what NFTs should be: delightful yet scalable experiences which have a reason to exist beyond speculative value. The creators who are the first adopters of this tech will become pioneers for a new page of crypto art history.

Artists have always spurred on big, powerful cultural movements. I can think of no better way to drive the next wave of NFT adoption than with our first Dynamic Blueprints collection, called “Forever Supper”  where an infinite amount of possibilities await the user.

It is a homage to our first ever Async mint "First Supper" in which 13 OG artists such as Matt Kane, Coldie, Hackatao and Josie came together for the first time in a dynamic artwork. 

Here's how it works:

1) Users mint a blank room, called a Core to start participating in that collection.

“Forever Supper” is soulbound and free as we don’t see the base NFT as a speculative asset

2) Users then collect separate Expansion packs to receive decor, backgrounds, and characters to change their Core. Every Expansion can be explored on its minting page and examined before purchasing.

“Forever Supper” will have Expansion packs from Async team as well as our invited artists. Artists can contribute as much as they want, whether it’s a single character or a whole pack of random goodies.

3) Users can change by clicking on Edit Core from their profile or Core minting page, there they can see which Slots their new Expansions will change. As long as the item received corresponds to a Slot in the Core, they can change the visual output of the NFT.

We have revealed 20 slots in “Forever Supper”, but there may be hidden ones for the future!

3) Creators can release new Expansions over time, or invite an infinite amount of collaborators to release their own Expansions that work with the original Dynamic Blueprints collection.

For “Forever Supper” we have divided up our artists’ Expansions into Courses. There are multiple Courses planned out for the upcoming weeks, as well as new Dynamic Blueprints by other creators.

4) Original creator/brand will be able to receive royalties whenever their collaborators' Expansions trade. This is a powerful motivator for the creator/brand to invite compelling collaborators as well as acknowledge the super fan who have created something truly compelling for the entire community ecosystem.

Without spoiling too much “Forever Supper” may have surprise guests that are CC0 assets from other collections!

Get started by minting a Core for free here, then make it your own with Expansion Packs.

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