Crossing Global Boundaries

Written by
Lisa Liang

Crossing Global Boundaries

Written by
Lisa Liang

Crossing Global Boundaries

Written by
Lisa Liang

In celebration of global diversity and the Mid-Autumn festival, the Async team is excited to add Chinese localization to our site. You’ll find a toggle for CN on the bottom right corner of our site, near the Ethereum and Pinata logos.

One of our co-founders is Chinese-American and with Chinese being one of the most internationally spoken languages, it only makes sense that we would welcome the Chinese-speaking audience to come and experience programmable art.

We’ve also onboarded a diverse cast of Chinese/Taiwanese/Asian American artists to release their works alongside the well known Chinese holiday. The first artist is Peng Zhou, an award-winning photographer born in Shanghai who splits his time between living in the US and China.

“His photographic practice is influenced by multiculturalism, multiple civilizations, and ancient philosophies. Combining elements from various aesthetics, he creates a new type of visual language in photography which particularly focuses on the context between abstract and semi-abstract."

Peng’s photographs have been exhibited internationally and was awarded Photographer of the Year. He placed in the Top 3 at the International Photography Awards, Tokyo International Foto Awards, Moscow International Foto Awards, Budapest International Foto Awards, Neutral Density Photography Awards, and the London International Creative Competition.

His artworks are in permanent collections at SCAD Atlanta and SCAD Lacoste and he also obtained an artist residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel. His current physical works are also up on Artsy and available for purchase in limited editions.



Peng Zhou’s debut Async piece “Experimental No.1: Nothing, But Everything #7240” is inspired by his personal life observations. Studying classic Chinese philosophical texts has allowed him to think and regard issues of daily life dialectic-ally, which he tries to embody in this minimal piece.

His idea is of a brand-new cultural environment and its significant impact on people, but also the people’s difficulty in detaching from their original culture. The survival of an ancient culture means necessary innovation of previous practices and today's world inevitably faces the collision and integration of multiple cultures.

And didn’t the human civilization of today evolve under similar trying circumstances? His decision to use strings and subtle coloring of the Layer’s blend mode symbolizes the gradual integration of multi-cultural influences upon each other, instead of treating it as clashes of conflict.




On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have our 2nd artist who goes by the pseudonym A2nDelta. His dystopian depiction of a possible “Future Vision” reality is full of violent conflicts and clashes between different factions.

With a strong background in the gaming industry, this Taiwanese artist unveils a powerful and politically charged narrative with each mindful change of the “Perspective” Layer. With that Layer, the owner can switch everyone’s viewpoint to that of a news broadcast, a state security drone equipped with a heat map, and most frighteningly, a deep fake OS that reveals the previous news coverage is completely falsified: turning peaceful protestors into violent terrorists.

Just like any MMORPG, the gruesome sci-fi scene is fully customizable with futuristic troopers, mech soldiers, and even a mechanical militia scorpion. With “Political Power” comes integrated lighting from the muzzle flashes of the gun, and the ominous warning of a government gone awry.

A2nDelta showcases his talents in free-handing mechanical subjects to painstaking accuracy. From the nuts and bolts in each individual mech soldier, to the UI design for a completely fictional “Veritas OS”, this is an amazing storytelling feat that has really harnessed the power of programmable art.

Rounding out this talented lineup, our last artist hails from China and when she was a child, Danniy Shinya Luou was always doodling in her textbooks and imitating drawings from her favorite mangas. After she came to the US, she started taking weekend art classes and got a 4-year apprenticeship with Ding Ha, a well-known Chinese-American watercolor master. Shinya then went on to study in Art Center Colleges of Design, graduating with Honors.

Danni Shinya Luo's works have been exhibited in the US as well as overseas. La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles is her main representing gallery. Besides her establishment in the pop surrealism field, Shinya has been active in other creative fields as well. She has done works for many different places including: Hasbro Inc., MGA Entertainment, Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds, Marvel Comics, Zenescope Comics, and more.

Shinya has also published 3 artbooks: Break The Ice, Soft Candy, and Un Petit Catalogue. In 2010, she was featured in the documentary film that is currently in production, “Comics Are Everywhere!”. She is also one of the original members of GirlsDrawingGirls, Inc.

罗丹妮(Danni Shinya Luo)童年在中国生活,小时候总是在课本上涂涂画画,模仿自己喜欢的漫画。 11岁随家人搬到美国后,她开始参加周末的艺术课程,并跟着华裔著名水彩大师哈丁做了4年学徒。随后,罗考著名的芭莎蒂娜艺术中心设计学院学习,并以优异成绩毕业。

罗丹妮的作品曾在北美洲、欧洲、和台湾展出。 洛杉矶的La Luz de Jesus画廊是她的主要代理画廊。除了在流行艺术超现实主义领域有所建树外,罗还活跃在其他创作领域。 她曾为许多不同的地方创作过作品,包括:孩之宝公司、MGA娱乐公司、Nickelodeon虚拟世界、漫威漫画公司、Zenescope漫画社等等。

罗丹妮目前出版了3本画册:《Break The Ice》、《Soft Candy》和《Un Petit Catalogue》。她曾是2010年独立纪录片《漫画无处不在!》的特邀艺术家之一。她也是GirlsDrawinGirls, Inc.的原始成员之一。

Her debut Async piece, “Vanitas, Then and Now” is aptly named for its subject matter. Usually a traditional watercolor painter, the artist dusts off her digital paintbrush after several years to enter the world of cryptoart.

In the same vein, she asks her viewers to deliberate between a finite measurement of beauty, or if beauty is infinite in the virtual age. The organic skull vs electronic tablet calls out to a moment where life expires after a certain amount of time. The Layer owner can switch to a tablet where art can live on the blockchain - preserving the woman’s beauty forever.

Our personal favorite is the “Spirit of Beauty” Layer. Utilizing an ability not commonly leveraged by most Async artists, 3 butterflies orbit around different rotation points near the woman, completely up to the Layer owner’s choosing.

We’re excited to onboard these 3 completely new cryptoart artists! Most do not have active social media accounts, but you can come find them in our Discord. They all have rich history in their respective fields and would be happy to answer any questions about their work.

We look forward to more diversity and a wider variety of artists as our platform grows~