Art Panels, Cryptoart Week, and #AsyncHalloween Contest!

Written by
Lisa Liang

Art Panels, Cryptoart Week, and #AsyncHalloween Contest!

Written by
Lisa Liang

Art Panels, Cryptoart Week, and #AsyncHalloween Contest!

Written by
Lisa Liang

"ˈpum(p)kən" by Animatttic

We have such a busy & exciting week ahead of us. Just to give everyone an idea:

#AsyncHalloween Contest

We thought it no better way to showcase the power of #ProgrammableArt than to challenge our talented lineup of Async artists to make Day/Night artwork that turns everyday/normal subjects into creepier/supernatural versions at night.

The winner, selected by Async team judging panel, will get to take home a brand new Apple TV | ETH equivalent.

We also have a secondary prize for most popular via community. So vote for your favorite Async piece, and the artist will win a Pin Layer for our Async Dynamic header!

Not sure who to vote for? Visit our redecorated Halloween-themed Cryptovoxels gallery to view all the entries.

UCL Panel with Conlan & Micah Johnson

Register for free and tune in 11AM PST for an exclusive Async art reveal with Micah Johnson and our Founder Conlan Rios.

Our duo will be explaining what programmable art means and discovering more about Micah’s personal journey through Cryptoart space and how he came up with his latest Async artwork.

Micah Johnson Async Art Reveal

This one has so many things. It’s emotional. It’s social impact. It’s unbelievably personal and has one of the most powerful usage of programmable art for the benefit of others.

Tune into our Gallery and socials to get the latest update when it goes live.

Cryptoart Week Panel with Matt Kane & CoFounders

Join us on Oct 30th as our Cofounders Conlan & Nate go live in an exclusive panel hosted by Cryptoart Week to discuss the possibilities of 21st century art and where programmable art is going.

Cryptoart Week is a week of engaging talks, panels, and studio visits with cryptoart's leading artists, tastemakers, collectors, curators and thought leaders. The convergence of digital art with blockchain has birthed one the most exciting and important times in art history. Add to your collection and cultivate new ideas as we merge audiences and expertise to bring you an inspiring week of art!

"Human Thing" by Criptocromo

#AsyncHalloween Contest Winner

We have over 22 entries to consider for winning an Apple TV!

While the Async team debate over who utilized programmable art in a Halloween theme-artwork, we invite you to vote for your favorite. We'll take the Top 4 to Twitter Polls on Oct 30th.

Most of them are LIVE in our gallery, there are still 2 more waiting in art production queue and we’ll let you take a sneak peak here.

"Battle of Tokyo 2020 💔" by /jakejohns

We hope everyone check out our Halloween-themed Cryptovoxels gallery, courtesy of /n0shot to view all the entries. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Discord to get the latest updates.

Which #AsyncHalloween is your favorite to win?

-Async Team