Community-Driven Pieces and Ladies’ Night!

Written by
Lisa Liang

Community-Driven Pieces and Ladies’ Night!

Written by
Lisa Liang

Community-Driven Pieces and Ladies’ Night!

Written by
Lisa Liang

We’re changing up our usual auction format. A bit inspired by Christie’s auction for Block 21, we want to see if we can emulate it - Async style.

  • Auction starts at 10AM PST all 3 days.
  • All artists selling their piece that day will be present in the Discord #general channel. They will be ready to talk and present their piece, and will be open to questions.
  • We will go in the order listed, each artist will have about 10-15 mins to talk/answer questions.
  • After all art is explained and questions are answered, we move onto the auction, Async will announce the first piece up for auction and will start a 5 min timer, any new bid within that 5 mins will add another 5 mins extension.
  • Once the piece sells, we will congratulate, tweet out an update, and immediately move onto the next piece with 5 mins on the clock.

Our first piece is a long-awaited collaboration of talented Hackatao with Cryptokitties. “HaCKitteZ” is an excellent usage of Async platform to show off the many different breedable traits of the iconic Cryptokitty.

Each Hackatao re-imagined Cryptokitty is its own Layer. With beautiful hand-painted textures, each one has its own personality as well as many different Layer combos available for their new owner to express themselves with.

It’s a piece geared to generate community conversation. Different Layer owners share a space with their neighbors as they all vie for the Hackatao’s attention, which comes in the form of the “Crown of FoolZ” Layer. Hackatao duo will not be selling that Layer, and instead will reward a CryptoKitty the crown every 2 weeks or when they see a new combo they enjoy.

More details will be revealed on Oct 20th at the Renaissance 2.0 2.0 livestream starting 10am PST.

We will be selling the Master and all 6 HacKitteZ Layers on Oct 24th.

Our next auction piece has already generated quite a bit of interest and real-world engagement within the community. “Pilgrimage” by Fabin Rasheed dropped earlier this month and is one of the first AR-location based Async piece.

We took a deeper dive into the piece and what it meant during the time of COVID pandemic. As we speak, another M was discovered today, leaving only 1 more M to be collected in Japan!

The artist is hosting a social contest, offering .3ETH as well as a 3D model, to inspire more of the global community to come together.

Minimum reserve of 10 ETH is met by Metapurse last week, and the artist will sell on Friday Oct 23rd if there are no other bids.

On Saturday, we will be hosting “Ladies’ Night” themed auction lineup in the Async Discord. Every single Async artwork going up for auction that day has been worked on by at least one female cryptoartist, a fact that we absolutely want to celebrate.

Starting us off bright and early on Saturday is Kitty Bast’s debut Async piece “Her Mind Had Gone Out For A Stroll & Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole”. The Master already sold after an epic bidding war between Metapurse, Lander, and ET Young, with the latter taking it home with 32 ETH.

All Layers of this gorgeous piece are going up for auction on Saturday. Kitty has done an amazing job conceptualizing Crypto & NFT themes into intricate tattoos.

From fancy HODL script, to Bitcoin tears, to an Alice in Wonderland-esque callout to NFTea, the new Layer owners will have tons of fun inking down their own crypto journey on the beautiful model.

Bringing a diverse group of talent and personalities, 105 Collective makes their debut on Async with “More Than Glass” which is one of those wonderful collaboration pieces that looks familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

The number “105” is reinterpreted in different artistic styles by the team of 5 which includes Sparrow, oculardelusion, UrBen, UnrealCity, and Stina.

Brandi Kyle also debuts on Async with “Spherule Cycle”, a rainbow sphere that dramatically changes its look and feel twice a day thanks to our Day/Night feature from Async Canvas.

The colorful and yet minimalist piece almost entrances you to get lost in its subtle weave of rainbow hues, and then jars you awake with a transition to its alternate state when enough time has passed.

We round out Ladies’ Night with Gala Mirissa and “Violette”. The Master and a Layer of the Ai-generated piece already went to collectors earlier this month. What is available for bidding are the pink and blue elements that accent the surreal portrait of a faceless woman.

Cryptoart may have started as a primarily male artists’ space, but that doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way. Async team would like to bring talented female artists to the forefront as well and we hope that Saturday is just one of many of these events.

On Sunday, we have another amazing lineup of innovative use of Async platform.

We always get excited when we see a pixel artist submit their Async work, and when we saw Criptocromo’s “CryptoSpace” for the first time it was absolutely love at first sight.

The wonderfully detailed shading and nebulous Metafox makes this Async piece an irresistible piece to collect. Each planet is able to be manipulated by new owners, either by trajectory or by changing the state of the planet itself.

Goldweard is one of those artists the entire team have been eagerly waiting to see Async art from. “Crystal Clam” acts like a luxury timepiece with decentralized ownership.

Every Layer owner share control of the exquisite pearl in the middle of the oyster depending on which time of day in PST.

Day: 6AM - 4:59PM

Sunset |Sunrise: 5AM & 5PM

Night: 6PM - 5:59AM

Back the beginning of the month we launched Chinese localization of the site as well as introduced 3 brand new Chinese-speaking artists from outside of the cryptoart space.

A2nDelta’s “Future Vision” takes us down a sci-fi path of what could very well be our near future. With expert story-telling from his gaming industry experience, he hides a sinister narrative within each one of the Layers within his piece.

A discerning collector will come to realize what kind of sequence of events is happening after they read all the Layer descriptions as well as carefully read the alternate Layer states.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have DefiantSquid’s “One More Turn III”, the Async artwork that sparked an ongoing color war of epic portions.

It all started with an innocent hashtag from Conlan’s Twitter, which triggered an opposing alliance from BreadBreaker, as others gleefully declared “color neutrality” from the sidelines but most likely waiting for an opportune moment to stir up more drama.

All Layers (game pieces) of the piece are now claimed. We have an updated “map” of the current players here as we head into the final battle on Sunday:

As we auction off the Master of this community piece full of drama and friendly competition, DefiantSquid will declare a winning team on Oct 25th.

Stay tuned on our Twitter and Discord for more updates.

Which Team color do you think will win on Sunday?

-Async Team