Mathias Rusch Jr. on His Artist Father, Mathias Rusch

Mathias Rusch Jr. on His Artist Father, Mathias Rusch

Mathias Rusch Jr. on His Artist Father, Mathias Rusch

We are excited to welcome the work of Zurich-born painter Mathias Rusch (1927-2003) to Async Art.

The collection of work, "OUR FATHER IN THE METAVERSE," comprises Rusch's series of paintings, "Our Father," now presented to the blockchain by his son, Mathias Jr., in partnership with consultation firm Edge & Pace.

For this Artist Spotlight, we are pleased to welcome Mathias Jr. as a guest writer to the blog, who provided the following post, edited for clarity.

Read on, enjoy, and then collect a programmable painting by Rusch here on Async Art.

​​"OUR FATHER IN THE METAVERSE #76" (day variation)
"OUR FATHER IN THE METAVERSE #76" (night variation)

I grew up as the son of the painter Mathias Rusch (1927-2003) and in our family of 5, we became involved in wrestling with and around my father's art. He was very religious and created, among other things, the cycle "Our Father," which I now want to give space to with these NFTs and want to encourage religiously motivated people to buy NFTs on this topic. This cycle is about my father's work and not about me.

The following quotes from my late father are meant to show what his motives and motivations were. In the wildest years, going to church on Sundays was of great importance to my father. It gave him support, strength, and endurance to go his way. Personally, I consider "Our Father" and some of his other cycles to be great art, and with these NFTs I would like to draw attention to it, and perhaps even achieve that Rusch's works are rediscovered.

The following are some of his important statements about his motivation with Christian origin:

"'Our Father' is the most important prayer in this world. It is the prayer the Lord himself taught us."

"Every person is a unique thought of God and has his own special task in this life. Life is a preparation for eternity. But the beginning and the end will be Jesus Christ." Mathias studied in London, Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Rome and Munich. He is a member of the 'Société des Artistes Français,' has exhibited all over the world, and won, amongst other rewards the "Grandprix de Peinture et de Sculpture" of the City of Lyon. To him, however, it does not mean a lot. He, who says "life is like a big meal, bought from the past and poured over with the sauce of the future" is and remains an artist in heart and soul. "Even in my wildest years I found visiting a church service of importance."

"We people always want the biggest, the best, and want to jump from top to top. We are like acrobats, excelling in the most dangerous jumps possible — hoping not to fall. But we must learn how to fall — and bounce on Christ. That's why I think every artist needs a deep, simple trust. I think, in spite of all our jumping and living on the edges, love and trust are the main thing in our lives — not the risky undertakings, which the public applauds."

Mathias Rusch and his paintings — he says they appear while he is painting — are a special expression of trust. The trust in inspiration, which leads him and always creates something new. They are also an expression of his attempts to look behind the scene, and to find out, where life really is happening. And they are also a unique way of acknowledging God, and his own personal experience. Acknowledging, he says, is of eminence, distinctive. But also something extremely hard and often heartbreaking.

"The great thing about God is the forgiveness of sin, the ability to absolutely forget, as though it had never happened. That Christ allowed himself to be crucified for that purpose is absolutely incredible!"

"OUR FATHER IN THE METAVERSE #3" (day variation)
"OUR FATHER IN THE METAVERSE #3" (night variation)

Mathias Rusch began painting right from an early age. His greatest example was his grandfather who was a master at embroidery of the Old School. From him he learned carefulness and precision in his creative expression. The most important person in his youth was his mother. From her he learned feeling, warmth, expression and intuition, but also trust and hospitality.

"Sometimes we need a so-called 'second life', enabling us to recognize the way we should go. Unfortunately, I am not a good talker. I even hesitate to use words. Pictures are much closer to me. Perhaps I did not communicate enough with my children, even when they were in difficulty." Despite this, I can see how much he loves them. And they have all found their own way in life. A way without shortcuts, as their father says, because one just has to go the whole way. And the grandchildren, who often play around the studio, are certainly not afraid of their grandfather, for their love is mutual and unconditional.

I came to NFTs through the two co-founders of Edge & Pace. Jan Baeretswyl and Philip Zülke gave me an insight into the matter at that time. The now great implementation of the "Our Father" project by Edge & Pace also makes me confident of generating buyers for the NFTs. The fact that they would then spread the message of the paintings would make me happy. Of course, financial success is important. But it's also about the reputation of my father's art.

I hope that the paintings on the Father will make our faithful people think. People are open to the open, positive, secular way of implementing what is probably the most important prayer in the universal Catholic Church. I can also imagine that the NFT will be sold well. There are only a few NFTs to buy, compared to the more than 1.4 billion Christians worldwide.

Of course, it would also be great if someone asked about the original paintings at some point after the successful release. Because the physical paintings are also for sale and maybe someone will become aware of them through the NFTs and then want to incorporate them into their collection. Be it for the private sector, as a donation or loan in churches or other suitable places. That would be great!

I'm extremely excited to see what will happen at release and in the days to come. I would like to highly recommend the purchase to buyers and collectors — because the power of the images, the depth, charisma and the messages are sustainable and especially now more topical than ever.  

In addition, I believe that the design, the construction, the work that Edge & Pace has done deserves this success. I don't think you can do more than that. I wish myself, the company Edge & pace and of course, Async Art, an unprecedented success with the "Our Father" series and I am really looking forward to it.

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