May Curation Week

Written by
Lauren Mae

May Curation Week

Written by
Lauren Mae

May Curation Week

Written by
Lauren Mae

Async Blueprint drops this month have been unreal. A GRIFTERS-inspired collection from Kristy Glas, a debut Osinachi Blueprint to kickstart our partnership with SuperRare, and “DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS", our biggest artist collab to date with 50 artists, thanks to The Guild and ARTE META, all launched this May. Artist Blueprint submissions have been flooding in and we’re working hard to get these new collections approved and live on the website. It’s going to be some exciting months ahead – we can feel it. 

Async Blueprints 

Hyper Cats

Hyper Cats gonna hype! NFT artist Kristy Glas launched this colorful cat Blueprint collection with a fascinating artist AMA over on our Twitter earlier this month. Inspired by XCOPY’s GRIFTERS, the collection features 9 legendary cats and a maximum Edition count of 1009. Glas has previously worked on 1/1s on Async: the programmable “Path of the Monolith” and autonomous “The Skies Between Worlds”. The focus of her artwork is often a colorful fantasy world and lots of cats. 

Mint your “Hyper Cat” via Async

Hyper Cat #0173
Hyper Cat #0175


Discover the largest artist collaboration on Async to date. A collaboration between The Guild and d’strict’s crypto artist unit ARTE META brought together 50 artists to produce the “DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS” Blueprint collection. DOES comprises 1337 generative artworks which were inspired by a theory from Eastern philosophy that explains “the elements of change that make up all things in life,” according to ARTE META. We had a deep dive interview to discover how the collaboration came about and the deeper meaning behind the eternal spirits

Editions of “DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS” are available on Async

DOES #0225

DOES #0232

Faces of Orgasm

People chase pleasure. “Samantha, Tony, Eugene, or Ahmed… it does not matter who we are” is the concept behind Murat Kalkavan’s “Faces of Orgasm”. The Turkish illustrator and designer Murat Kalkavan, whose work often focuses on humor and funny characters, wanted to capture the facial expressions of people from various sexual identities and racial backgrounds having orgasms.

Mint a “Face of Orgasm” Edition on Async.

Face #014
Face #011

Across the Face 

OG crypto artist Osinachi launched his genesis Blueprint “Across the Face” to kickstart our partnership with premium NFT marketplace SuperRare. The Blueprint comprises 1000 Editions each featuring a portrait of the artist. The collection depicts how one person can have multiple personalities and how ‘a simple slap on the face changes everything”, according to the artwork’s description. 

ATF #991
ATF #993

Minting has ended but it’s possible to pick up an Edition on SuperRare

Clod 216: what happens inside a clod.

This Blueprint investigates what is hidden where our gaze cannot reach. “Clod 16…” depicts a cross-section of a clod and apartment building with each Edition telling a unique story of what happens inside. It aims to encourage us to reflect on the sometimes strange and sometimes difficult stories of others. This Blueprint is part of a wider series from the Fabiano Speziari who has produced Async 1/1s around the world of the clod concept, as well as featured it across other NFT platforms. 

Mint a “Clod 126: what happens inside a clod” Edition via Async

In the Clod #063
In the Clod #051

One thousand gatekeepers of the most exhilarating pond in paradise

The genesis Blueprint collection from Niels Broszat poses the dilemma of inclusivity and exclusivity. “You always belong to a group, but not everyone belongs to the group that is well off or you want to belong to, and for some, the grass is always greener on the other side.” Through the sacred motif of the divine garden, this Blueprint presents the idea that paradise does not have to be only one place.

Mint a “One thousand gatekeepers…” via Async

Gatekeeper: #0011
Gatekeeper: #0010



Cloudy view or infinite sight? OCULUS NUBIUM is Samira Ingold’s debut 1/1 on Async. The illustration updates twice a day to reflect the day and night, changing from deep reds to cool blues. The Switzerland-based crypto artist and illustrator Ingold has previously sold works on KnownOrigin, Foundation, and MakersPlace under the pseudonym and sells an array of prints on their website


Explore the artwork or place a bid on Async

Choose The Man You Will Become II

In addition to his Blueprint launch, Osinachi dropped the second piece in his “Choose the Man” series earlier this month. Similar to “Choose The Man You Will Become”, it features thirty male heads, inspired by the posters lining the walls of barbershops. The second in the series is also an interactive piece comprising 30 ownable Layers. The Master sold for 20.0 ETH (US$56,116) to rudy, while some of the Layers are still open to bids.  

Bid on “Choose The Man You Will Become” Layers on Async.  

Choose The Man You Will Become II

The Quiet Place 

Collaborative album artwork from Pat Fox and I Built The Sky (Rohan Stevenson), “The Quiet Place” updates twelve times a day, revealing scenes from “The Quiet Place Away”. Every bidder receives a digital copy of the acoustic I Built The Sky album. This marks Fox’s 100th record cover, having previously worked on artwork with the likes of Tash Sultana and Taking Back Sunday. 

The Quiet Place Away
The Quiet Place Away

Place a bid on “The Quiet Place Away” or buy now on Async

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