Music Blueprints: All-New Generative Music Tool Launches on Async Canvas

Written by
Lauren Mae

Music Blueprints: All-New Generative Music Tool Launches on Async Canvas

Written by
Lauren Mae

Music Blueprints: All-New Generative Music Tool Launches on Async Canvas

Written by
Lauren Mae

First came the artwork, now we’re bringing the sound (in the form of music, spoken word, and audible storytelling). Async Music Blueprint, the all-in-one generative music NFT tool, is here — and it’s going to revolutionize the way we listen to and think about music forever. Following the success of Async Blueprint, our visual art builder, Music Blueprint takes a similar generative creation process and applies it to music — no coding experience or developer help required. 

Musicians can now generate a collection of unique Audio Editions from a single source. The Async Canvas tool allows creators to layer Stem Tracks and add Variants of these Stems; our algorithmic tool then composes provably random Audio Editions from combinations of these Stems when a collector mints an Edition. 

Music Blueprints marks a new frontier for the music industry. Musicians can conceptualize and create music in a completely new way by combining classic music production methods and web3 technology. A unique generative audio track brings collectors a more intimate listening experience from their favorite artists than ever before. 

It sets a new paradigm for creating and collecting music by adding value and interaction to the listening experience far beyond the current web2 streaming and downloading music ecosystem. It presents a new revenue stream for artists and allows listeners to support and engage with musicians in an innovative way. 

Music was part of Async’s plan from the beginning, and the launch of Async Music Blueprints will be a pivotal moment in music and NFT history. This is just the beginning — generative music NFT collections have so much untapped potential and will only unlock more incredible and expansive personalized music experiences in the future. 

Our CEO and founder, Conlan Rios said: “We couldn’t be more excited to announce these new templates. Async Music Blueprints represents over two years of combined visual and audio learnings. Our #1 mission at Async is to help art and music evolve. Together with creators, our goal is to push those mediums further in the 21st century.” 

What is Async Music Blueprint?

Async Music Blueprint is a tool for musicians to create a generative collection of music NFTs. Creators upload recorded audio to the Async Canvas tool and then from these Stem Tracks and Variants, our NFT builder tool generates collections of unique Audio Editions. 

The number of Stems and Variants will determine the possible number of Editions that can be produced. The creator must then decide a cap on how many can be minted. Only when a collector chooses to mint an Edition will this version of the song come into existence. Fans have never had this much interaction or authority with their favorite artist’s work before. 

Made for musicians by musicians, Async Music Blueprints allows producers to bring their fans closer to the creative process. Blueprint Editions allow a much broader listening experience letting fans in on the final cut and unearths new creative channels for the creators in ways traditional single track releases never could. 

Async Music Blueprints launches on June 13th, 2022. To use the tool, you must be approved as an Async Musician. You can complete the application form here.

Async Music Blueprint launch partners 

Maelstrom & Ipno

OG Async musician, Maelstrom is our first Music Blueprint drop with “JANUS”, a collaboration he worked on with graffiti artist Ipno. Maelstrom was part of our Async Music Classic (formerly Async Music) lineup, our genesis programmable NFT collection that launched in 2021.  

As a DJ and producer, Maelstrom is often creating and rearranging music in real-time, making no live performance ever the same. Generative music allows this element of live music to be transcribed into the digital realm. It gives his fans a taste of how music sounds in the studio and at a performance. 

“Producing a piece of music with Async Music Blueprints means that you have to make peace with not having full control — that’s what’s so exciting about making generative music,” said Maelstrom. “It’s been more about designing a small generative universe than finalizing an album.”

Possible outcomes of Maelstrom & Ipno's "Janus"

Inspired by the DIY techno scene of the 90s, “Janus” translates the experimental energy of the early rave culture into generative music. The accompanying artwork hearkens back to the early days of the internet with Ipno using stripped back, limited digital art tools to comment on the still primitive nature of the NFT scene. 

"JANUS" by Maelstrom & Ipno will be launching on June 2nd, 2022.

Mint an Edition via Async.

Read our in-depth interview with Maelstrom.


“h0m3w0rk” is self-titled audio-visual piece from h0m3w0rk created using Music Blueprint. It’s a collaborative project from musicians Weinbagz, Terra Naomi and Hilton Wright II, and visual artists Pop Wonder World, Tania del Rio, SoulCurryArt, and Zachary Winterton

“Mostly, the musicians created the audio first then the artists created the visuals to match. The opposite was done for some traits as well, so ‘h0m3w0rk’ really looks the way it sounds!” h0m3w0rk explained in a Twitter thread

Possible outcomes of h0m3w0rk's "h0m3w0rk"

The Music Blueprint project has 10 categories of audiovisual assets, each with 8 or more possible variations. This results in 700,000,000+ possible combos however only 4,777 will be available to mint. Alongside the audiovisual artwork, collectors will be given full, non-exclusive, commercial rights to the original music in their NFT. 

“h0m3w0rk” will be launching on June 7th. Look out for our interview with some of the collaborators too. 

David Bianchi with PLS&TY & Dogan Demir 

Spoken word poet David Bianchi will launch “Senses”, his audiovisual Blueprint project. The “Senses” Editions contain original spoken word poems, each written and performed by acclaimed poet David Bianchi, an accompanying musical score produced by PLS&TY, and a generative fractal art visual coded by technologist Dogan Demir.

David Bianchi is constantly trying to push the boundaries on the definition of an NFT. With his ‘Senses’ project using the Async Blueprint tool, he goes beyond what artists have done before in this mixed medium collection. Listeners can “wrap themselves up in this immersive audiovisual experience to listen, experience, feel and heal,” he told us. 

Possible outcomes of David Bianchi's "Senses"

"Senses" by David Bianchi will be launching on June 9th, 2022. Find out more about the project in our interview published the same day. 

Key dates: presale, public sale, and launch 

"JANUS" by Maelstrom & Ipno

Presale: June 2nd @ 9AM PT

Public sale: June 2nd @ 11AM PT

"h0m3w0rk" by h0m3w0rk 

Presale: June 7th @ 9AM PT

Public sale: June 7th @ 10AM PT

"Senses" by David Bianchi 

Presale: June 9th @ 9AM PT

Public sale: June 9th @ 3PM PT

Async Music Blueprints

June 13th - Music Blueprint becomes officially available on Async


Will Async Music Blueprints be available for everyone?

Music Blueprints will be available to those who are approved as an Async musician. You can apply here

Can I collaborate with other artists and musicians on a Music Blueprint?

Yes! Like the standard Blueprint template, you can add collaborators during the creation process or other Async artists can send you collaboration requests via the Async Canvas dashboard. 

Official links

Apply to be an Async musician here. 

Discover the Music Blueprints gallery here. 

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