Music Spotlight on h0m3w0rk: “A generative audiovisual art project like ours would never have been possible without Async.”

Written by
Lauren Mae

Music Spotlight on h0m3w0rk: “A generative audiovisual art project like ours would never have been possible without Async.”

Written by
Lauren Mae

Music Spotlight on h0m3w0rk: “A generative audiovisual art project like ours would never have been possible without Async.”

Written by
Lauren Mae

Remember doing homework in front of the TV? Those quiet hours after school with snacks, cartoons, and when our only problems were times tables and what show we’d put on next…yeah, us too! The “h0mew0rk” Music Blueprint is stirring up some serious nostalgia with visual and audio elements that pay homage to simpler times.  

One of the six Legendaries from the collection, this 1/1 NFT is made exclusively by PopWonder, top-selling NFT artist from the h0m3w0rk fam.

Our second Music Blueprints drop, “h0m3w0rk”, is an audiovisual collaborative NFT project brought to us by musicians WeinbagZ, Terra Naomi, Hilton Wright II, and visual artists, Pop Wonder, Tania del Rio, SoulCurryArt, and Zachary Winterton. The generative audiovisual project “blends the unique styles of seven artist frens,” says WeinbagZ in “h0m3w0rk”’s Twitter explainer video.

“We wanted to make this a project where you can hear everything that you’re seeing. For example, a basketball visual denotes basketball bounce sound or a spacey background represents a synth,” he explains. This is precisely what the Music Blueprint tool allows creators to do: marry audio and visual to provide a rich, immersive experience for fans and collectors. 

Async Music Blueprints has unleashed a new creative direction for the music industry and we’re thrilled to have been joined by some fantastic partners to celebrate the upcoming launch of the all-new Async tool. The musicians behind “h0mew0rk” spoke to Async about making music in the web3 era, the future of the music industry, and how this Music Blueprint took shape. 

Collaboration is at the heart of “h0m3w0rk” project and it’s the spirit of working together that really brought the project to life. “Sometimes the musicians created the audio first then the artists created the visuals to match. Other times, the visuals came first —  “h0m3w0rk” really looks the way it sounds!” the “h0m3w0rk” collaborators explained via a Twitter thread. Async encourages artists to work together on Async Canvas by providing collaborative work options and a way to divide revenue between project creators.

Collaboration dashboard in Async Canvas

The “h0m3w0rk” Music Blueprint project has 10 categories of audiovisual assets, each with 8 or more possible variations. This results in 700,000,000+ possible combos; however, only 4,777 will be available to mint. When a collector chooses to mint an Edition, a combination of the audiovisual elements is algorithmically generated to create an Edition. This demonstrates how the collector’s input influences the final collection of Audio Editions — something unheard of until Music Blueprints. Alongside the audiovisual artwork, collectors will be given non-exclusive commercial rights to the original music in their NFT. 

One of the six Legendaries from this collection, this 1/1 was exclusively made by Soul Curry Art, a female NFT artist from the h0m3w0rk fam.

Folk singer and songwriter Terra Naomi said: “Before Async Music Blueprints, a generative audiovisual art project like ours would have required major resources to create — resources we didn’t have access to. “h0m3w0rk” would never have been possible without Async’s generative music tool. I can’t wait to see all the other projects that come to life as a result of this technology.”

Naomi, who built a large web2 following on Youtube and found fame with “Say It’s Possible”, was looking for a better way to create and connect with listeners when she discovered NFTs. She immediately saw the potential of NFTs in making real income as a creative. Async Music Blueprints marked this new creative process she was looking for. “It’s a huge honor to be launching one of the first Music Blueprints on Async and it feels amazing,” she told us.  

WeinbagZ, who has been making music since he was five before diving headfirst into producing in 2020, works full time in web3. Working to produce the “h0m3w0rk” project was “beyond exciting” for WeinbagZ. “I think Async is one of the most artist-friendly platforms, and I’m so excited to see tools being built for artists and musicians to take their creative work to a whole new level. It’s an honor to be one of the first Music Blueprints and can’t wait to show others what they can do with their music!”

“The thing that makes Async Blueprints powerful is the ability to tie a visual layer with an Audio Stem. So anytime that visual layer shows up in the artwork, the corresponding audio stem will show up in the music. So any visual layer you see in "h0m3w0rk" has an audio stem that is tied to and that will always show up with that visual element,” WeinbagZ explained in a Twitter video.

Possible Editions from "h0m3work"

Hilton Wright II, an award-winning record producer, songwriter, and composer, knows music NFTs are a game changer with control and provenance at the heart of this web3 revolution. “I feel that the future of the music industry will be permissionless and decentralized just like web3. Artists won't be running to the legacy institutions to fund their dreams, they'll be giving their fans opportunities to partner with them. New technology and platforms will empower artists. I can't wait to see the industry in 10 years!”

Wright II, who has produced for the likes of Drake, Mike Posner, Big Sean, and Faith Evans, believes all musicians can benefit from exploring the music NFT space. “DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and get creative!” he said. “There are so many useful implementations of NFTs and ways to apply them to the music space. Dream your wildest dreams and then think about how blockchain and NFTs can help you achieve them.”

For any artists and musicians feeling the pressure to dive into the NFT space, WeinbagZ recommends taking some time to learn and listen. “I think there is a major pressure to churn out work, but I think understanding some basics about how things work and getting a bit of a layout of the land can help new artists to NFTs make good decisions.”

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