New Collaborator's Feature for Async Canvas

Written by
Lisa Liang

New Collaborator's Feature for Async Canvas

Written by
Lisa Liang

New Collaborator's Feature for Async Canvas

Written by
Lisa Liang

Here at Async, we pride ourselves in offering the best creator tool for not just dynamic, interactive NFTs, but also as a platform that allows many artists to come together and work on a single piece of artwork and share royalties in an automated, crypto-native manner. 

Our genesis launch piece, First Supper, is the classic example of utilizing Async’s Master & Layer feature to create an interactive, ever-evolving artwork. Every single character, as well as the floor, ceiling, table and walls is its own Layer, made by a different artist.

Every single character, down to the ceiling, table, walls, and floor are all dynamic and changeable by its new owner.
Our genesis Async artwork ft. artists Matt Kane, Shortcut, MLBITY, Twisted Vacancy, Josie, Sparrow, Vans Design, XCOPY, Hackatao, Coldie, Alotta Money, Connie Digital, and Rutger Van Der Tas.

Since then, we’ve seen many beautiful, amazing collaborations occur organically on the platform.

The Guild, a collective of many brilliant artists, came together to create the "afterparty" of the First Supper, released a year later to mark Async's anniversary. "Cyber Watch" invited 30+ new artists as well as returnees.

LayerBreaker, the largest collaboration to date on our platform. Over 60+ artists have contributed to this epic collaboration and a true testament to the power of an inclusive community. Learn more about the history and the making of it here.

Historically, our production team had to manually add artists’ ETH minting addresses in order to finalize a collaboration to mint. Today we’re excited to give YOU, the artist, the power to add any Async user as a collaborator in Async Canvas. 

Instructions on How to Set Up a Collaboration: 

1. After creating an Async account, click on your username when logged in, to access the “Async Canvas” tool. It may prompt you to log in again, if so make sure to use the same login credentials (Metamask or email) that you used to make your Async account.

2. On Async Canvas, start a new project by clicking on “New Piece.”

3. Select the “Custom” project, as that will make a blank Layered piece for a collaboration.

4. You will get to upload your collaborator’s artwork in a separate Layer. And designate them as the royalty receiver in the final “Submit” step.

Remember your collaborator should be turning their artwork in as a transparent PNG, sized to the same dimension as the entire artwork with their portion of the artwork placed exactly where it should appear within the overall composition. Their Layer can have as many different states as they like. (The highest we’ve seen is Kyle Gordon’s Fall from Grace, which has 34 unique states in one background Layer!) 

Here we're using an example tile from the LayerBreaker collab, which was produced 100% on Async Canvas.

5. After you’ve finished uploading your own and your collaborator’s Layers, proceed to fill out the descriptions and cover images. On the “Submit” step, you will see an option in the Master Details to “Add Collaborator.”

Enter in the ETH address of your collaborator, and there will be an automatic breakdown of how the Master sale royalties will be split among everyone.

6. For individual Layer sales, you’ll have to scroll down, and select the correct collaborator to get 100% of those Layer sale royalties. Do note that you need to enter them as a collaborator on the Master Details before they are populated in the Layer dropdown section.

7. Make sure to test out your piece and then Submit to Async. If you’re not a whitelisted artist yet then please apply!

(Studies show that testing out your Async piece while you wait to be whitelisted will increase the likelihood of catching any mistakes and will ensure the artwork moves faster through the production process.) 

You'll most likely be hit with this popup message if you are still waiting to be white-listed, or if you haven't applied to become an Async artist yet. Follow the instructions and the team will get to you eventually!

And that's it! Let us know if you have questions, have suggestions and thoughts on our Twitter, Discord, and start an Async account if you havent' already, so you can play with Async Canvas too!