November Auction Recap

Written by
Lisa Liang

November Auction Recap

Written by
Lisa Liang

November Auction Recap

Written by
Lisa Liang

Wow. It’s been such an amazing past two weekends.

Back-to-back record breaking sales, first by Micah Johnson’s “sä-v(ə-)rən-tē” at $120K and then the latest $140K "EthBoy" sale by the Trevor Jones + Alotta Money duo. Once again, we are humbled and just amazed at the reception our platform has received.

Here are some highlights from our November auctions & previous sales:


This powerful piece was meant to be a private sale from the beginning. The minimum reserve was met by Metapurse at 175 ETH. Another private bidder did come in at 180 ETH, and then quickly re-upped their bid at a record-breaking 250 ETH ($120K at time of bid) once they heard the auction was ending at midnight EST.

Micah and Josie celebrated the last hour of the auction on Josie’s livestream where they both shared their personal background and talked about all the process that goes behind one of these works. A special shoutout was made by Micah to Metapurse, who not only supported this art piece with that amazing first bid, but also the beautifully- crafted homage they wrote for the piece.

The news of the sale traveled far and wide. Media outlets such as NBC news, The Grio, Yahoo Finance, BeInCrypto, and others have picked up the news. We are incredibly happy for Micah as well as the kids for there is already some nice BTC funds in their wallet with Jacque’s #BirthdayBitcoin celebration on November 6th.


The dynamic duo came in hoping to break records like they always tend to do, and Saturday’s auction result did not disappoint. “EthBoy” had an impressive 101 ETH bid from Basileus before the auctions kicked off on the weekend.

Trevor Jones even made an impromptu announcement on Twitter about the profit-sharing aspect of the Master. The bidding went to extreme numbers again, and finally settled on 260 ETH ($140K at time of bid) from MaxStealth. 

Celebratory congrats were shared all around in our Discord, where many people tuned in to find out who was going to take this epic Async collab home:

Learn more about all the programmable features in “EthBoy” in our earlier coverage here. Several Crypto media have already covered the historic sale of a single Async artwork, including CoinDesk, Nasdaq, DExplain, Defi Intelligencer, Explica, & DCLBlogger to name just a few.

“Remixable King of Art”

A perfect companion piece to his previous “Remixable Queen of Art”, Fabliello presented his latest remix of classics now featuring gentlemen:

The team at MOCA came in for all Layers in the “Queen” piece, and this time around also tried to come in for the Layers in “King” but was blocked by Basileus, who took all Layers except for “Body” home on Saturday.

Basileus also had an intense 30-45 min long drawn out bidding war with Sir Nigel, a recent newcomer to the collector scene here at Async. When the dust cleared Basileus came out on top with 19 ETH for the beautiful Master, and each collector congratulated each other:

“Summer Dreams 2020”

FrankyNines debuted with colorful “Summer Dreams 2020”, and of course the auction for his piece full of well-placed ladies enabled for some inappropriately hilarious jokes.

As Trislit and Conlan bought the Babes Layers, they tried to influence J1mmy who owned the Lambo Layer within the piece:

As always, Async auctions began with the best of intentions and an excited crew:

And it ends approximately 3 hours later with exhaustion and just relief:

Overall, it’s been a fun and engaging auction! We’ve enjoyed everyone presenting their art and shout out to the Async fam for coming out and supporting!