October Auction Recap

Written by
Lisa Liang

October Auction Recap

Written by
Lisa Liang

October Auction Recap

Written by
Lisa Liang
  • Masters Sold: 10
  • Layers Sold: 85
  • Gross Sales: 227.53 ETH ($89,719.63)

When your auction line-up consists of a collaboration between Cryptokitties and /Hackatao, a piece by 105 Collective with over 47,880 possible iterations, a location-based artwork that spans from North America to Asia, and other impressively innovative works by Kitty Bast, Brandi Kyle, Gala Mirissa, Criptocromo, Goldweard, A2NDelta, and DefiantSquid, you know it's going to be a good one. Here are some highlights from last weekend:


We’ve written about Fabin Rasheed’s Pilgrimage before and we were thrilled to see it sell for an impressive 17.5 ETH. What started out as a dominant position of 11 ETH by Metapurse earlier in the week was quickly challenged by Pablo from MoCA. Pablo, a Pilgrimage enthusiast, collected multiple M NFTs (associated with the work) throughout the last 3 weeks and had a vested interest in purchasing the work.

As the bidding wars ensued, Pablo came out victorious. He admitted in our Discord this is his favorite Async piece thus far, allowing for him to reconnect with dear friends of his that he hasn't talked to for years and is an innovative push for all tokenized & programmable art.

Congratulations, Pablo and MoCA!

Fabin also announced the winner of his social contest for sharing a new clip of Pilgrimmage in his hometown in Mexico almost everyday this week. Congratulations to PONCE54958 and thank you for sharing your beautiful city!

More Than Glass

When someone tells you that their artwork can have over 47,000 different iterations, it's nothing to sneeze at. Created by /blackboxdotart, UnrealCity, /StinaJones, /UrBen, and /oculardelusiona, the 105 Collective blew it out of the park by selling "More Than Glass" for 21 ETH.

A highly coveted work, "More Than Glass" instantly erupted in a four-way bidding war between Metapurse, Basileus, Ioannis Sourdis, and Roham. All Layers sold for about 1-1.5 ETH by Basileus, roham, audsssy and afroviking.

Who won the bidding war, you ask? Metapurse | /twobadour for 21 ETH.

Hackatao x Cryptokitties x Async

This epic collaboration has been one of the highlights of our work at Async. Both Hackatao and Cryptokitties have been true partners in crime as we’ve all experimented with possibilities utilizing Async tech on the Cryptokitties platform.

A BIG thank you to Dapper Labs, /Hackatao, Eleonora Brizi for the amazing collaboration.

The hype for these Cryptokitties was augmented by the fact that each NFT was imbued with a hue effect, making coloring options virtually infinite. Hackatao will keep The crown of foolZ Layer, and place the crown over the most interesting-looking Cryptokitty combo every 2-3 weeks.

Each Kitty Layer sold between 8.8 ETH - 17 ETH. Buyers included Roham, Shariq911, J1mmy | Poopie, MantaXR, and Ioannis Sourdis. The Master sold for an earth-shattering 50 ETH to the founder of Dapper Labs! Congratulations to all the new collectors and to the Hackatao team!

Her Mind Had Gone Out For a Stroll & Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole

Lets focus on female artists for a minute. We haven’t seen such enthusiastic bids on Kitty Bast’s “Her Mind Had Gone Out For A Stroll & Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole” since the launch period pieces like Josie Bellini and the first Hackatao collab. For many, it was a beautiful validation of the unbelievable talent, innovative ideas, and world-class artwork for women in the Cryptoart space.

It was exciting to see that bidding on the artwork began a week prior to auction and lasted right up until the last seconds. Interchangeable Layers sold between 0.5 ETH - 3 ETH to tiny Crypto Art Gallery, Lander, and an anonymous bidder. The Master was purchased for a hefty 32 ETH by ETYoung.

One More Turn III

Defiant Squid’s One More Turn III has been the talk of the town recently, mostly because it has generated a lot of competition amongst its Layer owners. It's like the crypto version of Settlers of Catan or Civilization VI but much better, with more interactions and beautifully community-driven.

The piece itself sold for 1 ETH to /BlackBoxDotArt and all of its 55 layers sold to various owners over the course of the month. It quickly became obvious that this was a competition between different color teams. During his auction, the artist posted winning conditions for several different categories

In the end, #TeamBlue secured their victory by taking Most Lumber Resources as well as having Most Tiles.

Fun fact: This work is one of the few where the individual Layers sold for more than the Master. It is currently the record holder for most Layers in a single piece.

We had so much fun hosting this month's auction, and we hope to see you all again next month!

-Async Team