On Art for the Masses

Written by
Lisa Liang

On Art for the Masses

Written by
Lisa Liang

On Art for the Masses

Written by
Lisa Liang

August Auctions are upon us. This coming weekend will feature some spectacular pieces, especially ones that went a bit crazy with Layers. Scroll down to the bottom to see the exact auction end times~

First off we have Coldie with his first Async solo piece - “Choose Your Own Adventure”. A visual depiction of what group thought reality can and may be. With a whopping 40 pieces including the Master, this is the artist’s answer to creating art for the masses. That is, hopefully allowing everyone to get a chance to own an Async Layer by sheer number of Layers up for auction.

Each human figure is a separate Layer and the owner can adjust the grayscale hue from a scale of 0 (white) to -255 (black). What is great is that the furthest human figure on the road, is called “The Outlier” and is such a small pixel. But instead of grayscale, it can change to any color - signifying this person is the one with the most amount of experience.

Read more about the piece from the artist himself.

Starting Saturday 8/15, Coldie will be livestreaming the auction starting around 10AM PST. He’ll go through all the pieces, starting with the Master. We cannot wait to see how the new owners alter the painting to suit their perception of their reality.

XCOPY once again surprises us with a profound social message: what is the Rabble, and why oh why are there so many heads?!

He is allowing the viewer to be the judge of that, as well as naming 3 heads for a social contest to win a Rabble Layer on our Twitter.

There are 43 Layers in this piece (not counting the secret ones either!). Rabble 31-41 are reserved for prizing and not for sale. Rabble 1-10, the Master, and the Media Layers will be sold via auction on Sunday August 16th, and the rest of the Rabble 11- 30 will be sold throughout the week when min reserve of 1 ETH is met. Grab your favorite head while you still can!

Another returning Async artist is Rutger van der Tas and Pr1mal Cypher. This is their first collaboration together and their style meshed really well in "Master Mind". We have 5 expressions of heads melded together. The clean inkwork of the figure can be distorted and overlaid with more organic objects within the “Frontal Cortex Distortion” Layer, which really makes us wonder: “if the decision-making all happens in the the frontal cortex, what kind of decision is this artwork making us ponder as we distort and change the Layers?”

The artists have minted an animated version NFT of the artwork, and a lucky bidder who have bid on the Layers/Master will have the chance to win the exclusive artwork on following Monday, after we auction off this colorful blend of ink, traditional media, and programmability starting at Friday noon PST.

Pr1mal Cypher also released his first solo Async piece. There are many iconic symbols and personas present in the piece, but the overall message is: “that it illustrates a mass phenomenon in which “the hope for freedom and independence” and “the desire to become rich and financially independent” are holding each other the balance and in focus.

Read more from the artist here. He is also hosting a raffle for prizes on his Twitter.

The artist will be auctioning off the Master on Friday, August 14th by 11:30am PST. The Layers will be sold throughout the week if the right bids come in.

Brand new Async artist Cultbitz debuts with “Satoshi’s Desk”, a wonderful tribute to the beginnings of crypto.

It draws the viewer into the seat of Satoshi. Surrounded by many changeable Layers of Bitcoin symbolism, the artist leaves it up to the viewer to decide on which part of history should be displayed for the world to see.

Cultbitz will be auctioning all Layers as well as the Master on Sunday, right after the auctions for the Rabble ends.

Buzzlightning is known for playing with different styles as well as different forms of expression. For his newest Async piece “Our Life Belt”, he 3D rendered a couple of the Layers separately, and combined them in Photoshop for the overall look.

Once again, the prevailing theme of sustainable living for the masses is present here. The lifebelt Buzzlightning envisions for folks centers around the crypto - ecosystems built by several famous crypto figures who are also featured in this art piece:

Satoshi Nakamoto, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Jimmy Song, Laura Shin, Wei Dai, and Elisabeth Stark.

This piece will be auctioned right on Sunday, August 16th starting 10am PST with the Master.

Over 100 Layers, 6 artists, and a whole lot of people will be watching this weekend. Decentralized artwork is absolutely the future and we can’t wait to see how that future will be shaped with everyone’s collaboration, together.

- Async Team