On Art Pushing To New Boundaries

Written by
Lisa Liang

On Art Pushing To New Boundaries

Written by
Lisa Liang

On Art Pushing To New Boundaries

Written by
Lisa Liang

With 2020 taking off in a crazier direction with each passing week, we think it’s more and more important for people to find cathartic escape in different ways. For our talented Async artists, with our lineup of September auction pieces, they’ve managed to push the boundary of what is possible with utilizing all the power of programmable art.

We start with something a bit more grounded in reality. Osinachi, who is well known for his powerful social commentary, returns with his 2nd Async piece “My Body, My Crime”. A naked, vulnerable black man stands on a pedestal behind police tape seeks to be a documentation of this year’s social events regarding police brutality.

The Master was sold for 15 ETH the moment it arrived in our Gallery, as well as the Background Layer for 2 ETH. The remaining 4 Layers are available for auction that spans from Tuesday to Thursday. Check out our auction end times below.

Pedestal Layer
Black Man Layer
Bandana Layer
Tapes Layer

The second piece comes from VansDesign and a collective of artists (Starpause, Janessa Robinson, and OoakosiMo) from Codame, a San Francisco-based art and tech collective we’ve recently partnered up with. “The Creation” is an epic collaboration made for The Exposure, as part of the Ars Electronica festival this year.

Learn more about the piece and its corresponding auction here. After the Master and Layers go to new owners, it will be up to the Layer owners to determine the final look of the printed T-shirt Codame will print and gift to the Master owner.

Fabiano’s “Clod 119: Pimp Your Clod” offers us a slight reprieve from this world and takes the viewer to outer space on a pixelated asteroid with quirky and fun residents. Reading like an apartment listing, new Layer owners can “take up residence” on Clod 119 by owning and controlling tenants on each floor, as well as the exterior.

Learn more about each section of this whimsical piece from the artist himself: Let's Discover Ground Floor
Let's Discover First Floor
Let's Discover Second Floor
Let's Discover Penthouse
Let's Discover Outdoor

The Master was sold for a Buy Now price of 6 ETH, as well as several Layers. The rest of the Layers that will be auctioned off on Friday September 18th, check the schedule at the end of this post for details.

Yuramiron also returns to Async platform with a revolutionary piece. Each day, his autonomous “Beautiful Worlds” will cycle through 1 out of 366 artwork he has generated for this piece alone.

Best of all, unlike our previous autonomous artworks, Yuramiron’s will be the first to run without the need for a gas tank. We will explain how it works in a following blog post later this week. But for now, enjoy the daily viewing of a new artwork here.

TS Moreau sweeped us off our feet with the first ever Async-powered comic panel. In “Phase Space #1: Spiral Riders” Layer owners will be able to change the main character, the speech bubbles, the coloring, as well as other options. Best thing is that the next issue, Phase Space #2 will be directly influenced by what the Layer owners settles on the first page.

The artist is very excited to share his debut Async work with everyone. In fact, he has minted physical prints of the first issue that he will sell on Rarible as well as an awesome Cryptovoxels gallery that showcases more of his future comic panels that he may mint.

TS Moreau will be auctioning off this Master + Layers Saturday. Check out the auction schedule at the bottom of the page for more info.

When we think about Layers influencing the Master artwork, “RYB” from DefiantSquid also comes to mind. With each Layer representing a faint recollection as well as a primary color, the user can directly influence the Master color, which represents the final polaroid of a memory.

The artist has been changing the piece gradually week over week as a reflection of his mood. He’ll be auctioning off his debut Async piece on Sunday, look to the end of the post for the exact schedule.

And finally, rounding out the amazing weekend lineup, MelDuarte graces with her cheerful “Tutti Frutti Flowers”. Every element in this clean, elegant piece is interchangeable- from the pinwheel bouquets, the vase, as well as the background.

Be sure to follow us on Discord and Twitter so you can get real-time updates on all the September auction pieces.

-Async Team