On Colorful Remixes - November Auction Lineup!

Written by
Lisa Liang

On Colorful Remixes - November Auction Lineup!

Written by
Lisa Liang

On Colorful Remixes - November Auction Lineup!

Written by
Lisa Liang

On Colorful Remixes

Async Art is excited to bring a wild assortment of auction pieces this month. On Friday we get lost in colorful, vaporwave-inspired pieces from FrankyNines, Neurocolor, and Natural Warp. On Saturday, we discover how classical and not-so-classical subjects can be remixed with the power of programmable art with Trevor Jones & Alotta Money, Bard Ionson, and Fabiello.

Please note that our auctions promptly start at 10AM PST each day in our Discord. Artists will be discussing their pieces and we will kick off a 5 minute countdown once everyone has had a turn. The best way to guarantee a win is to bid early instead of waiting for Friday/Saturday!

“Ever-changing Horizons” by Natural Warp was made with Apple TV in mind. Take a look at how amazing the colors show up in a darkened room:

Natural Warp is known for his 3D environments which he places the viewer inside a 360 degree sphere for a psychedelic experience in which we can only sum up with one word: whoa. 

“Ever-changing Horizons” autonomously shift from a Day to a Night state at the Madrid timezone around 6am and 6pm. Get lost in the countless amount of colorful fractals as the artwork draws you into a brilliant and lovingly crafted world.

Day vs Night states

“Neural Alchemy” is Neurocolor’s debut Async artwork. Meant as a curation of elements and colors that should not be static, but constantly changing, the artist asks new owners to take control of 4 core elements: Mood, Material Color, Ethereal Color and Body Matter.

Each element plays with references of glitch art, 3D models, DataViz, generative art, vaporwave and cyberpunk, and there are thousands of combinations available:

Our last piece up for auction on Friday comes from the well-known FrankyNines with “Summer Dreams 2020”. Crisp, clean lineart gives way to candy colors and a sick, sick Lambo in his vapor-wave interpretation of the life of a “crypto allstar”.

Hot women and fast cars seem not only a status symbol for traditional celebrities, but now also applicable for the crypto-enthusiasts. Whether you were an early adopter and reaping in the $UNI gains, or a very successful crypto artist who made impressive sales, 2020 seems to be your year! 

At the end of all the glitter and fat wallets, one really does have to wonder: Was it all just a dream, or can this ethermeral fantasy become real life?

Preview of the many Lambo states that are available.

And more honestly, would you even care? If you can’t afford a real Lambo, at least you can own a NFT of one in this piece? ;)

After a colorful, fun-filled Friday, Saturday will begin with a “remixable” theme.

Bard Ionson is always pushing the boundaries  with his distortion modeling. As Will Peaster already covered “The Gate” is a study on a very “lowly” subject: bathrooms. Taking over 1,700 images of bathrooms, Ionson trained an AI training model to create the 24 distinctly different states of “The Gate”.

Reflect on why we all appreciate solitude, privacy, and quiet as we go into a restroom to do our business and this is the state one should be in as they gaze upon “The Gate”.

Back in September, Fabliello minted and sold his “Remixable Queen of Art” to MOCA. Now he returns with the companion piece: “Remixable King of Art” featuring classical paintings from: Castagno, Messina, Sanzio, Leoni, Rembrandt and Van Gogh.

There are 7,776 possible combinations in this piece alone, and with every Layer change there is the brushstroke of a classical master as well as their energy from that time period.

Last and certainly not least, we have “EthBoy” by Trevor Jones and Alotta Money. Their first collaboration on our platform is sure to get plenty of bidding action on Saturday, as they’ve declared a 33% profit sharing for the Master owner of their piece for the next 5 years.

EthBoy features Vitalik himself as the subject. His clothing, his expression, and even his background all change based on Ethereum price fluctuation as we embark on a multi-year long journey together with the artists.

Learn more about all the programmable features in this piece in our earlier coverage here. Trevor Jones himself explains the inspiration behind the piece on his designated website.

We hope to see you all on Friday and Saturday this week for another round of unforgettable Async Auctions!

Stay tuned on our Twitter and Discord for any updates.