On First Supper Layers and Upcoming Auctions

Written by
Lisa Liang

On First Supper Layers and Upcoming Auctions

Written by
Lisa Liang

On First Supper Layers and Upcoming Auctions

Written by
Lisa Liang

Today we hosted a live auction on Discord and Twitter for 20 out of 22 Layers of the collaboration piece, “First Supper”. A total of 263 ETH was made from those 20 layers, another momentous occasion for Async.art. There is now reason to believe that Layer tokens, or the ability to control the look of a Master artwork, is valued even__higher than the Master. More on that later.

We also recognize this moment as solid encouragement from the NFT and Cryptoart community that what we’re trying to achieve is very real and in demand. As the mad rush of the auction sped by, we constantly received comments, messages, and overall excitement that this indeed is the start of something big in the Cryptoart space.

We thank you, and are deeply humbled by that. There are no words for the emotions we felt today. So grateful to the new layer owners:

Wallpaper: @BitcoinCoreCash

Onwards: @basileus_eth

Art Bred StoryBook: async.momus.eth

Lambs on Broach: @metakovan

Drinks and Culture: async.momus.eth

Enter The Void: @cjliu49

The Right Exit:@BitcoinCoreCash

Twisted Field: async.momus.eth

About cats and fingers: @metakovan

MBLITY Shadows: async.momus.eth

By Day, By Night: dotcomedy

Paul Apollo: @basileus_eth

Decentral Eyes: @web3brett

Judas Officially: @BitcoinCoreCash

Stat(u)es of Liberty: async.momus.eth

The Three Graces: async.momus.eth

ArtPrawn: async.momus.eth

Pass me your apple: @cjliu49

Visionary Spirit of Creation: dotcomedy

Eternal Anger: Vincent. @dapp_review

Once again, we’d like to remind folks our top priority is to onboard new artists as soon as possible. This is now less of a concept and more of a reality. We want everyone who wants to try it, to be able to try it.

If you'd like to join in on the next auction, come join our Discord and follow BlackBoxDotArt's auction for her piece, Asynchronous Time (March 2nd 7am PST, GMT-8)


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and MLIBTY's "Bitcoin Makes the World Go Around", (March 2nd 10am PST, GMT-8)


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