On Fortune-Telling with the Oracle

Written by
Lisa Liang

On Fortune-Telling with the Oracle

Written by
Lisa Liang

On Fortune-Telling with the Oracle

Written by
Lisa Liang

Serste has shared her personal story and inspiration behind her first Async piece “Oracle”. As someone who dapples in fortune telling, she wanted to share a similar ephemeral, spiritual experience with the Async community.

She’s provided a guide on how to “read” the 7 leaves that determine your fortune in “Oracle”. We’re also going try and break it down here:

- Each leaf has a positive/minus state. Depending on the state, a different animal/object will appear in the Master of “Oracle”. Symbolic meanings of each animal can be found here.

- The (+/-) combination of First and Second Leaf, of Third and Fourth Leaf, Sixth and Fifth Leaf, and Apollo’s Seventh Leaf will determine the final fortune.

- To extrapolate the next round of (+/-) combinations, use the simple mathematical rule also used in multiplication:

(+/+) = +

(+/-) or (-/+) = -

(-/-) = +

See example here:

In the picture, the First Leaf is (+), and Second Leaf is (-).

Alternatively, you can see that “Great Mother’s Breath” is activated, which means First Leaf is (+), and that “Turtle” is visible, which means Second Leaf is (-).

Extrapolate it for the rest of the Leaves and you should get the following 1st round combination:

(+ -) (- +) (- -) +

Group the combinations in pairs of two, and you can extrapolate the 2nd round of combination using same mathematical rules stated above. Keep going to get a 3rd round of combination, and then a 4th and final fortune:

(-)(-)(+)(+) = (-/-) (+/+)

(+) (+) = (+/+)


This time The Oracle’s answer is +, positive, which means good luck for you!

As an added bonus, every 6th, 7th, and 8th day of the month the golden sun god Apollo materializes and changes the seventh leaf in the Oracle’s hand.

And even if you aren't into tarot readings, fortunes, and the mystical arts, there are still so may artistic details to be appreciated in Serste's work. From the subtle lighting to the realistic animals, you can tell a lot of love and care went into "Oracle".

This Friday, each Leaf will go to a new owner so that collectors all over the world can join together and potentially influence another’s fortune.

“Oracle” will be auctioned off starting 11AM PST on July 24th, make sure to join us in Discord or Twitter for a possible fortune telling.

Prepare your questions and steel yourself for the Oracle's answer.

-Async Team