On Reinterpreting the Human

Written by
Lisa Liang

On Reinterpreting the Human

Written by
Lisa Liang

On Reinterpreting the Human

Written by
Lisa Liang

What makes a human, human? Is it our physical form, the ability for self-awareness, or the pursuit of higher-level entertainment that has nothing to do evolutionary gain?

Our February auctions feature artworks that explore the human figure in reimagined ways as well as provide some really fun community experiences with never-before-seen gamified elements.

We’ll team up with TokenSmart’s WIP to invite their community to join us this Thursday, Feb 18th, at 1:30pm PST on Twitch as we go through our Cryptovoxels HQ, redecorated with the February auction pieces.

Bridgitte Bardot

Our first interpretation comes from Alex Moore, a photographer who specializes in polaroids as his main medium. The temporal casualness in which one usually regards a polaroid is completely reimagined with Moore’s thoughtful, careful placement of a subject within the framing of a camera.

It’s very much like flipping through the pages of a dog-eared library book. The feel of paper and the smell of old glue evoking nostalgic feelings is similar to Moore’s polaroids as they remind us about a time period where a human’s life was much much simpler. The color adjustments he’s made to each of the 24 different states in this programmable piece was also made in consideration of the time of day: soft pastels for early mornings and cool tones for late night.

The new owner of this autonomous Async artwork will also receive a physical, framed artwork of the original polaroids he worked with. Learn more about the artist as well as his process in Sam’s exclusive interview.

Soul of Japan

Another photographer who explores human meaning is Tony Corocher, whose street-life captures of Japan culminated into “Soul of Japan: Profound Tranquility or Modern Loneliness?”

In his two year stay in Japan, Corocher noticed some recurring pattern in his photography. The Japanese value system of respect, duty, and obligation nurtured a sense of harmony and tranquility within its population but also bred inner isolation. It’s become so prevalent that there was a term coined just to describe the modern day phenomenon: hikikomori” or shut-ins. 

Notice in most of his Layers, Corocher focuses on human subjects who do not look at the viewer or acknowledge the man with the camera. Most human portraits evoke a strong emotional response from the viewer with powerful, direct eye contact, but these subjects who were immortalized in these photographs are almost shying away from it. 

There will only be one sale for this entire artwork. Corocher will send all 3 Layers as well as a museum quality print to the owner who wins the Master this Saturday Feb 20th.

Learn more about the inspiration and the details here. Play around with the different possibilities the prommable artwork has to offer in Corocher’s dedicated website. 

Reclining Nude

Thato and DaniellaDoodles had been meaning to collaborate for quite some time. The South African duo wanted to pay tribute to the environment, colours and textures that inspired their respective art styles.

Example of textures for the final 3D render

In the artists’ own words: “We thought of the humanity of our country, the richness, fertility, pride, her past and promising future. We approached the challenge of combining our different styles and cultural backgrounds by merging organic African lines and patterns with a traditional western theme”.

Different aspects and experiences of South Africa are explored through three figures drawing inspiration from the Venus of Willendorf, Giorgione’s Sleeping Venus, Manet's Olympia as well as The Nude/Clothed Maja.

The Earth Layer state explores the warmth of the landscape, the Noir questions the condition, and the Protea state celebrates nature with a floral texture.


Human emotions is the core of Adam Martinakis’ debut Async piece “4EVER” which is based off a 2018 animation loop of his. 

Each chain link is composed of a male and a female figure, which symbolizes each couple’s contribution to the bigger blockchain. They rotate around another couple, making the number “8” (artist’s favorite lucky number) as well as an infinity symbol.

In his Async rendition, the artist gives Layer owners the ability to change the textures of the human bodies and essentially affect the mood of the entire artwork. The owners will still be part of the endless chain but can now have their own unique twist to it.  

Martinakis is well known for his 3D human figure renders and has been creating digital scenes since 2000. His works have several gallery exhibitions internationally, won several awards, and have been featured in New York Times, Juxtapose, and more.

Crypto Gothic

Model: Nikita Replanski Photo: by THISSET

Rounding out the all stars lineup is Nikita Replanski with one of the sickest trailers we’ve ever laid eyes on. Feast your eyes on the future of programmable art + fashion, as the artist and his team made actual physical masks based off of the Layers in his debut Async artwork “Crypto Gothic”.

The minimum reserves on his Async artwork is to cover the cost of producing and shipping these cyberpunk fashion items to their new owners. Only the highest bidders will win the NFT as well as receive the customized physical item on Feb 20th.

R66 aka Nikita Replyanski is a phygital artist based in Moscow. He creates both physical and digital art, and has been mostly known for his face accessories made with 3D printing and augmented reality. His AR masks have been used as filters for millions of users as well as dappled in physical prosthetics for the disabled. In 2013 he worked with 3D-printed functional prosthetic hands. He called this direction “Cyber Fashion Art” and constantly explored how technology can integrate with the human body.

Photo by: Vasily Shvetsov

He truly believes in a future in which prosthetics are not just functional additions to the human body but fashion statements as well. The new appendage has now become a piece of that person’s identity and should reflect their personality as well.

Left: Cyber Warrior Mask Photo by: Melnukoff | Right: White Dragon Mask Photo by: AVE Repin

That idea of customizability is illustrated within “Crypto Gothic”, in which a fictional gothic character is now the idol in which Layer owners can customize her to their liking. The artwork consists of 3 changeable Layers and has 27 unique variations.  

Chess and Addicts

With the recent popularity of “Queen’s Gambit” it’s no surprise that we’ve seen more chess-themed pieces on our platform. However, for Mehak Jain, the creator of our first chess piece on Async, chess has always been a big part of her life.

She has been competing professionally in chess since she was 11 years old and was selected for the World Women Amateur Championship two years ago, a spectacular achievement well-known to all chess players. So what better way to pay homage to a sport than to immortalize the spirit of chess and competition in an Async piece?

In this artwork, Jain placed many different types of players: the young, the old, the non-human, celebs, and even death itself. The love for a game can span generations, time, and even the metaphysical because the human element is so crucial here.

The background venue, the spectators who watch a match play out, and Master are the only available pieces up for auction as the other Layers have previously sold.

All the elements have a reason to be here in the celebration of such a classic game. It’s honestly much better to hear from the artist herself.

Cosmic Chess

George Boya’s customized chess set has been months in the making. Our community constructed a Layer editor just so new Layer owners can easily move their pieces like an online chess board and see it replicated on the beautiful artwork.

Each chess piece is movable and we’ve invited our community to come play a round before we auction our collective labor of love on Saturday.

“Cosmic Chess” is a purely gamified piece of programmable artwork that also doubles as a virtual chess set. In fact, when you think harder on it this chess board: 

- cannot be lost
- cannot be damaged
- when one Layer owner makes a move, the entire world can watch
- can permanently save progress
- recall historical games

In that sense, a virtual programmable chess board such as Boya’s design is very versatile and is more appealing to own than its physical counterpart. We’re excited to see what its new owners will do with the latest gamified piece on our platform!

Programmable Hodl’em

DinziBr is now one of our most prolific Async artists - he’s minted and sold over 7 Async Masters! The latest programmable artwork from him marks the 8th time he’s minted on our platform and it’s quite a deviation from his usual fare.

“Programmable Hodl’em” is our first Async poker game, where the ever-changing dealer’s hand will also prompt Players 1 & 2 to change their Layers to get the best possible combination.

Starting at 10am PST on Saturday Feb 20th, we’ll be hosting live online Texas Hodl’em games in our Discord. The way to “buy in” a seat at our 6 man table is to be one of the highest bidders on any one of the Layers or Master of this piece. Bidders will have to be present and able to identify themselves in our Discord #general channel.

We’ll do a few practice rounds so folks can get used to the controls, but once 10:30am PST rolls around we will be playing for some real stakes: IRL prizing.

All auction pieces will end with no time extensions on Sat Jan 23rd. Tune in to Twitter and Discord to get the latest updates.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday for the livestream as well as Saturday 10am PST for Game Day!