On The Power of ETH

Written by
Lisa Liang

On The Power of ETH

Written by
Lisa Liang

On The Power of ETH

Written by
Lisa Liang

The DeFi & NFT space has transformed in the last couple of months with multiple new projects entering the space and ETH doubling in price and tripling in trading volume since 2019. 2020 is the year of the crypto artist.

In 2019, traditional painter Trevor Jones teamed up with Alotta Money to create ETHgirl and sold for a record-breaking 70 ETH on SuperRare. Just to give a sense of how much the space has evolved since then, Async broke several records of their own in 2020:

- In February with “First Supper” Master at 104 ETH (Layers went for a total of 263 ETH)
- In July with “The Tribe” Layer at 97 ETH (most expensive Layer sale)
- In Sept with “Right Place & Right Time” Master at $100K+
- In Nov with “‘sä-v(ə-)rən-tē” Master at $120K

It made a lot of sense for the dynamic Trevor + Alotta duo to come back together for another epic collaboration to close out the circle. The Async team was ecstatic to learn that they picked our platform for “EthBoy” featuring a well-known character from the blockchain space: Vitalik Buterin.

EthGirl and EthBoy together in full circle~

EthBoy comes with many programmable aspects with the coolest feature that has never been tried before is the sending of the sole usable Layer to Vitalik himself. The “Accessories” Layer can endow Ethboy with sunglasses, alien eyes, pirate hat, or an eye mask. If you ever see Ethboy’s appearance dramatically change in the future, it’s because the founder of Ethereum decided to use his Async Layer!

Preview of all possible accessories for EthBoy.

On key specific dates, the Async artwork also changes to highlight the significance of that particular day. On Vitalik’s birthday, Jan 31st, a birthday cupcake appears in EthBoy’s hands. On the day Ethereum was launched, July 30th, a ‘baby’ ETH iconography appears in young Vitalik’s hands. 

Of course, no tribute to the founder of Ethereum would be complete without tracking of ETH prices and gas fees. The artists have rendered out a beautiful, continuous background scenery that spans from the deep underbelly where fossils belong to the ethereal heavens with the moon. For every 10% +/- price change of ETH, Ethboy’s background scenery shifts up or down this artistic measuring stick. Here are some rich details:

Underground, above land, and into the skies!

Anything bigger than 10% will actually influence Young Vitalik’s expression. A huge bull run for Ethereum will result in a joyful smile, and a massive drop will bring on a furrowed frown on EthBoy’s face. Even the butterfly goes up and down according to Bitcoin pricing!

As any crypto artist is well aware, 2020 has seen record-high gas fees. What used to take less than a dollar to mint, can now cost you $30-40 when gas is high! EthBoy’s clothing will change from neutral yellow to red or green to help fellow artists determine when is a good day for minting and when’s a good day to wait. ;)

Sneak peak of what EthBoy is capable of.

Last, and definitely not least, the artists have declared profit-sharing for the winner of the Master. Twice a year for the next 5 years, they will mint an animated NFT of EthBoy that tracks the last 180+ days of changes to be sold on OpenSea. The proceeds from those NFT sales will be split evenly between Jones, Money & the current Master owner of EthBoy. Considering that both artists usually sell at double digit ETH price, this singular piece of Async Art could turn out to be a lucrative purchase!

More information on that on Trevor Jones’s website. 

This exclusive programmable artwork is already available for bidding. The auction is slated to end on Nov 21st, where both artists will be present in our Discord starting 10am PST to answer questions or to talk more about EthBoy. Be forewarned, we were told that they will most likely not be sober, so shenanigans may ensue.

Async Art is not responsible for the language that will come out of those two's mouths.

Stay tuned on our Twitter and Discord for more updates!