On V2 Contract Migration

On V2 Contract Migration

On V2 Contract Migration

Async Art is becoming more powerful and user-friendlier than ever thanks to a massive V2 smart contract upgrade. Our migration from V1 to V2 contract brings key enhancements to our platform that will benefit both artists and collectors. We’re delighted to introduce the following optimizations:

Under the hood, the biggest difference with V2 is how we’ve made the contract upgrade-able. This allows flexibility to add features and make future patches to Async Art tokens without needing any new contract migrations in the future. Which means after you upgrade your tokens once to V2 you’ll never have to do it again!

V2 allows for a minimum percentage increase on new bids and improved security for the bid acceptance process. Collectors and artists can now list their artwork with a “Buy Now” price. With the recent spike in gas fees, this is a valuable feature that will make collecting and selling Async artworks that much easier.

V2 also allows for unique commission fee percentages per token, paving the way for different modes of collaboration and creator tiers. Another interesting addition in V2 (that won’t be activated initially) is the ability for creators to specify a finite number of times that a Layer token can be used. We’ll keep the community posted as we get closer to rolling this feature out as we’re really excited for the creative implications this will enable!

The team is also proud to introduce new features on our website, the biggest being Filter and Sort which will make it easier to find pieces that have a Buy Now price, Reserve price, or Auction End Date set. And for the first time ever, you can individually sort by Masters or Layers!

On the Apple TV as well as our Gallery, Async artwork Masters now have a view count. Programmable artwork is more powerful with more eyes on it and this shows just how many have viewed the artwork.

To further emphasize this, we have a “Share” button below each Async Master so that anyone can embed the artwork into their website. The embedded artwork will automatically update as Layer owners change and alter the Master.

We also launched a brand-new Activity Feed where you can view your recent bids, manage your open bids, or get notified when there is a new bid on your pieces. Just click into your username on the top right corner of the website, and you'll see "activity" added in the drop down menu.

As for actually migrating your art to the V2 contract, it’s an easy one-time process. Check out our step by step guide on how to upgrade your Async tokens:

1) Go to Async.art

2) Login by connecting to your wallet

3) Once logged in, you’ll see a banner with a “Migrate” button; click it

4) Press the “Unlock” button to grant permission to start

5) Click the “Sign” button in your wallet to approve the transaction

6) Let the transaction confirm; once done, click on the “Migrate” prompt

7) Approve the new transaction that comes up; once it confirms, you’re done!

The first couple of users who successfully finish migrating will be sent a special Async "gift". More details on that later. ;)

Zooming out, we think V2 represents a new dawn for Async Art, but we’re also keen to point out that we’re just getting started. We have great plans for the future, and we can’t wait to share them with you all. Things will definitely get more magical from here.

- Async Team