Once Upon a Time in the Land of Web3...

Once Upon a Time in the Land of Web3...

Once Upon a Time in the Land of Web3...

Once upon a time in the Land of Web3, there was a vibrant ecosystem of creators and communities. The Land of Web3 faced many ups and downs, as market forces constantly bolstered and battered it. 

First, there was a time of unparalleled abundance - a bull market - and the ecosystem expanded rapidly, though so did the threat of jpeg inflation and rug pulls. Fortunately, mass adoption looked like it was within sight.

But right when they needed this time of abundance the most; it vanished. Unsustainable practices gave way to a time of scarcity - a bear market - that wiped out much of the progress made. Existence became difficult and many fled from the Land of Web3. Only the most committed creators and communities remained to rebuild and expand the ecosystem. They asked themselves, “Wen? Wen would this be over?”

Emerging from the ruins of the bear market, the creators saw a glimmer of hope left in the city center. It was a blank room. A clean slate.  

They had heard legend and lore of the First Supper - indeed, many of the OGs from those days were still around - but now the baton had been passed to a wider group of creators to carry on the legacy. 

The creators gathered in celebration of this new era with a meal: The Forever Supper. They began to paint the walls, cook dishes, and invite friends, each bringing their own unique flavor to the table. 

And there, with the movers and shakers of crypto art in one room, something magical happened. Like artists before them, they sparked a cultural movement where their work came alive and immutable to market forces. It had reason to exist beyond their speculative value.

But in this new era, artists were not the only heroes; they needed their communities more than ever. The creators’ communities had a critical role to play.

Everyone has a seat at the table. Will you join them? 

RSVP to The Forever Supper: https://bit.ly/foreversupper