Programmable Music Coming to Async

Written by
Lisa Liang

Programmable Music Coming to Async

Written by
Lisa Liang

Programmable Music Coming to Async

Written by
Lisa Liang

2021 is becoming a historic moment for programmable media on an entirely new level. After the success and explosion of visual arts last year, our team is building toward a future where programmable media is prevalent on an every-day basis.

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We dropped a big clue a couple of weeks ago, and we’re now confirming what our community has already suspected:

Async Music is coming!

How it Works:

Async Music is composed of a single Master Track NFT and multiple Stem NFTs. Just like a programmable artwork, Stem NFTS are effectively the same as Layer NFTs: they have the ability to change what the current Master Track both looks AND sounds like.

The album cover art is also an Async artwork, where activating a different Stem means the album cover will change according to the artists’ design. At launch, we are capping the number of Stems to 9 and limiting the amount of changes per Stems to 9 (with potential to expand down the line)

E.g. A vocals Stems can have 9 different lyrics/chorus Variants to add deeper, richer meaning to the entire song. 

The Master Track is the current live song. There will always be just 1/1 of a Master, and it goes without saying that usually goes to the most hardcore fan. Owning a 1/1 Stem means the collector can determine which Variant on that Stem is being currently played on the Master Track.

Imagine a boombox permanently installed in a sidewalk playing your favorite song 24/7. Stem owners have exclusive control over the dials on that device to determine which variation of the song is playing for everyone who walks by.

To Summarize:

1 Master Track NFT - Live audio track and dynamic album art determined by Stems

9 Max Stem NFTs - Each Stem is a separate NFT. The current state of these Stems add up to create the live Master Track

9 Max Variants per Stem - Stem owner chooses which Variant of their Stem is currently active on the Master Track

= up to 362,880 total unique combinations for one Master Track

Upcoming Features on Async 

This is a WIP design mockup and not to be construed as final product image.

At launch, the top nav bar will clearly denote between “Music” and “Art” on our website. The Async Music browsing experience is transformed to cater to music lovers, with album covers as the key visual indicator. A QR code can be scanned to automatically launch our Async music player on your phone, and a numeral combination always denotes the current Stem variation.

(Pro Tip: This will become more important that we’ll explain at a later date)

On mouse hover, users can either listen to a 30 second clip of the current Master Track, or place a bid on the NFT details page. To hear the full song, just fire up the music player accessible via QR code or from the NFT details page.

This is a WIP design mockup and not to be construed as final product image

What to Expect:

In the coming weeks, we’ll be unveiling our launch lineup musicians. They span across a diverse spectrum of musical genres. The incredible talent they’ve shown at harnessing this  revolutionary form of music already is blowing us away and we cannot wait to share with the community. 

Art & Animation by Bryan Brinkman

You are no longer sitting in the passive audience seat, listening to your favorite band perform up on stage. This is a method of INTERACTING with music, CONNECTING with the musician, and COMMUNICATING with other fans in ways you’ve never been able to before. 

This is another beginning for programmable media. 

For those of you who were with us from launch, we’re glad as always to have your support. For those of you new to this movement, welcome to 21st century art.

-Async Team