You’re Invited: Second Annual Async Kitties for Kitty Bungalow

You’re Invited: Second Annual Async Kitties for Kitty Bungalow

You’re Invited: Second Annual Async Kitties for Kitty Bungalow

In what will be the second annual event, Async Art presents the Async Kitties for Kitty Bungalow Charity Contest! 

Like we did last year, we’re inviting Async Art creators to contribute to Kitty Bungalow’s #BuyArtSaveKittens campaign, allowing artists to include the organization as a “collaborator” to contribute a portion of proceeds to the charity.

How to add Kitty Bungalow as an Async collaborator.

Read about last year’s inaugural event, championed by NFT OG and cat lover Coldie. 


Artists must submit work (using any of the Canvas templates!) that centers around the “kitty” theme, but is otherwise left to creator discretion. 

For inspiration, check out this collaboration from last year’s event, “Forgotten Cats of Fallen Leaves Forest,” led by Matt Kane with creative contributions from an incredible line-up: Hackatao, Trippyogi, Serstes, Ilan Katin, Rutger van der Tas, Moxarra, Julia K Ponsford, Max Osiris, Reviiser, Daveed, Pr1mal Cypher, Fabin Rasheed, Reinhard Schmid, and Ruben Alexander.

"Forgotten Cats of Fallen Leaves Forest"

The best news? We didn’t have just one kitty collab last year; we had three! 

Check out “Kitties in Pixel Story,” led by veteran Async artist BlackBoxDotArt and set in a cute, cheerful backdrop drawn by PxlPet, this collaboration features Kitties drawn by DinziBR, TS Moreau, PX99, Metageist, BreadBreaker, and the CryptoKitties team

Finally, view “Kitties in Mao Mao City,” by Hidden Forces, TS Moreau, Shortcut, Fabiello, Carlos Marcial, BrucetheGoose, CryptotheGiant, Vulon, and Plouzza. 


"Kitties in Pixel Story"

"Kitties in Mao Mao City"

To submit your work, for a chance to be featured as an Async artist, contest details are below. 

  1. 1 entry per artist
  2. Can be any Canvas template (day/night cycles, 24-hour cycles, etc.) 
  3. Has to contain cat-themed imagery (and please keep in mind this is for rescue cats!) 
  4. Please add Kitty Bungalow [0x5e84dabd2f486a84a6042d754fafa2c4f4a3b996] as collaborator on Master in order for them to receive donation, and be featured in charity event
  5. Hashtag on socials w/ #AsyncKittyCharity and #BuyArtSaveKittens to be qualified
  6. All artwork should be submitted no later than 9/26 11:59pm PST
  7. Async team will pick top 4-5 submissions, and community will vote on final winner with likes and retweets via Twitter 

Join Discord and look for the #Kitty-Bungalow channel for any help, to provide feedback, and receive updates regarding this year’s event.