September Auction Recap

Written by
Lisa Liang

September Auction Recap

Written by
Lisa Liang

September Auction Recap

Written by
Lisa Liang

The universe sure has an ironic sense of humor. Back in 2019 our CEO and founder Conlan engaged in an intense bidding war with TokenAngels over Matt Kane’s “One of Us” and came out on top with 7.75 ETH on SuperRare.

Almost a year later, TokenAngels decided to enact his “revenge” bid on another Matt Kane piece. Only this time, it was on the Async Art platform and for Matt’s debut masterpiece: “Right Place & Right Time”.

Humbled and slightly shaking his head in disbelief after hearing about Matt Kane’s and TokenAngel’s plan for the private sale, Conlan gladly handed back the figurative “bidding trophy” to TokenAngel last Thursday. With a record-shattering bid of 262 ETH ($100K+ at time of writing) on the most complicated Async artwork we’ve done, the dynamic duo sealed the deal on our platform.

To check out daily updates to “Right Place & Right Time” check out the dedicated website Matt Kane made, as well as follow @VolatilityArt.

The coverage spanned as far as Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, CoinTelegraph, and among others. But what is great is that Matt Kane immediately went and started supporting his fellow Async artists.

For DefiantSquid’s “RYB” piece, each color represents a distant memory, and when you combine all 4 different colors you get a special combination representing what several people can remember.

What really stuck out to us is that all color Layers went to different owners and all of them are artists! /TSMoreau, /MattKane, /Metageist, and OficinasTK seized control over RYB and started composing their color/memory combos.

Which also is the common theme for TS Moreau’s first issue of “Phase Space #1”, our first Async comic. Background, Colors, Dialogue, Main Characters and special panels all went to different owners. The fact that the current state changes will directly influence the next issue reminded us of a DAO. More on that here.

As we dive deeper into the dialogue options, we realized there are clever metaphorical references to certain Cryptoart tropes.

The main character could be an encouraging leader, or an arrogant showoff who wouldn’t wait for their partner. Just like how crypto artists within the space can be supportive and make sure their success uplifts newcomers, or a more self-serving kind of artist.

The descriptions of the characters can shift to describe the enemy mercenaries or describe the male/female character.

The Muon Warriors seem to be the opportunists who are in this space to make flip art and make a monetary gain. The language witch and icon man seem to be a reference towards content creators who help the space flourish with their written editorials, tweets, and tasteful design.

Either way, intentionality seems to be the main theme of this work, which especially resonates with us and what we’re trying to do with Async. Congratulations to Metapurse on purchasing the Master, and the respective new Layer owners!

To round off the amazing auction weekend, Yuramiron’s “Beautiful Worlds” found a home in the collection of ETYoung for 30 ETH. Here’s a snapshot of how it looks on our Apple TV app, with no frames and Zoom fill settings:

With each day, the artwork will show us a brand new image. The first gasless autonomous artwork means another big step forward into the programmable art frontier.

As we look forward to next month’s lineup, there are plenty of artwork that still have Layers/Master available:

Fabiano’s “Clod 119”

Osinachi’s “My Body, My Crime”

MelDuarte’s “Tutti Frutti Flowers”

OneForAll's "Atena-14All"

-Async Team