Social & Gamification Enters The Room

Written by
Lisa Liang

Social & Gamification Enters The Room

Written by
Lisa Liang

Social & Gamification Enters The Room

Written by
Lisa Liang

We are amazed and pleased with the positive sentiments that Dynamic Blueprints have brought to our community. From Day 1 we saw over a thousand Cores minted and hundreds of folks personalizing their Forever Supper.

Well-known web3 collectors in the space all have minted their Forever Suppers.

User Organicholas collected specific Gremplin and Mr. Richi characters to tell a unique story over Twitter.

However, as I’m writing this, gas for ETH transactions is at 200 GWEI. That roughly translates to a $70-80 fee for a simple high priority transaction to Ethereum blockchain.

When gas is twice as much the actual Expansion pack price...

That is a huge deterrent. We have worked with our Async Forever Supper artists for months, asking high quality cryptoartists who usually price their works at .5 - 1 ETH down to .1 - .05 ETH levels. They have gladly done so because they see the vision: Dynamic Blueprints need to be as accessible and as engaging for as many users as possible.

While buying Expansions costs gas, changing a Dynamic Blueprint Core is gasless and only requires a wallet signature. We've seen so many beautiful rooms come together, with users tagging artists and sharing their collaborations with the wider community.

These Forever Suppers have art from Hackatao, George Boya, Skeenee, Jonathan Wolfe, neurocolor, MrRichi, Rutger Van Der Tas, Shortcut and more!

Async team has worked overtime to explore solutions to the current predicament. There are two features we’re launching in the interim that focuses on engaging with your Core (which is free and requires NO gas) and earning Badges (which will be key in winning prizes and gaining access to exclusive mints later on).

1) Social Features

We care about our community and the main driving force of Dynamic NFTs is to encourage interactions, collaborations, and nurturing relationships between artists and users. A Forever Supper is not just a room. It is the visualization of all your choices in your Web3 journey, where story and identity start taking shape. Were you there early for an OG golden table? Were you quick enough to snag a Hackatao room? Have you changed your Core so many times you earned yourself a badge?

All those choices and actions materialize in visual elements within Forever Supper and we want to empower the community to validate each other’s actions and tastes.

A) Core Update Titles & Feed
Snapshot of most recent Core feed along with their new snazzy titles.

Starting today, the “Cores” tab will be replaced by “Update History” in which every Core update will be recorded and showcased like a social media newsfeed. Everytime you change your Core, there will be a popup option to caption the update.

Please note, that default sorting is “Trending”, which means our algorithm will favor most liked and commented on updates. We want to make sure the most interesting and meaningful Forever Suppers get surfaced to the top!

B) Likes and Comments

Our Cofounder Nate already getting likes and comments on his most recent Core update + title.

Click into any Core update, and there are options to like, comment, and share a pre-populated tweet. You must have an Async account and logged in in order to do so.

When you come across a Forever Supper room that looks amazing or resonates with you, make sure to drop a like and give kudos to its owner! Share the love and maybe they’ll come to check out yours!

C) Social Sharing

On the bottom right corner you’ll notice a Twitter icon after you make a Core update. Clicking on it will generate a pre-populated tweet. Several users asked for an automated way to tag artists who are present in the Core update and our team is still trying to figure out a workaround for the character limit.

2) Async Badges

Active followers will have noticed that with each Course we’ve released a different Badges. They are usually available for 24-48 hours, pretty much a free mint to commemorate each Course release.

Badges for Course I, II, and III and is free to claim for 24 hrs.

In addition to those, we also released achievement-oriented Badges. There is no gas required to change a Core, and just changing your Core a couple of days will get you access to mint a new Badge.

We have two tracks already, and will release a third and fourth tracks soon:

A) Change Track

These Badges track how many days a user has made a change to their Forever Supper Core.

Currently we have 2 Days, 5 Days, and 15 Days with potential for more.

B) Hunter Track

These Badges track how many Expansion Packs a user has purchased for Forever Supper Core, with the exception of free mints like other badges or special event prizes.

Currently we have 1 Pack, 5 Packs, and 10 Packs with potential for more.

C) Storyteller Track (Upcoming)

These Badges track how many likes your Forever Supper Core update has gotten from other users. We’ll be releasing these over the next couple of weeks, and they are retroactive so definitely start sharing your Core now to qualify yourself for these future Badges.

This user have already started earning and putting up their badges in their minimalist room.

D) Mystery Quests (Upcoming)

The conditions for these hidden Badges are unknown. Only when a user satisfies the conditions, will the Badge and its condition be made public and available for others to seek after.
These are fairly challenging, so it’ll be interesting to see who gets them first!

As for what the Badges do, the team is sketching out reward tiers for the amount of Badges a user holds. Already we’ve started experimenting with raffle entries for high-demand Expansion packs like what we did with Matt Kane’s.

Using Premint, we’re able to set a multiplier for multiple Async Badges, meaning that your chances of winning a raffle will be increased the more Badges you have.

For Course IV, we already have several raffles set up for ripcache’s exclusive Expansion Pack. This is one of our Forever Supper “grail” sets and will not be available for public sale, so make sure to start collecting Badges now to ensure highest chances of winning!

Over the next few weeks our team will continue to monitor the Ethereum gas fees and explore more permanent solutions for upcoming projects. I want to personally thank the artists and users for being patient with us, and sticking through the unforeseen external circumstances.

In the meanwhile, let’s get social! Get started by minting your Core for free, and start interacting with Cores here.

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